Article Syndication/Private Blog Networks That Accept Adult?

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So I am compiling a list of all the article syndication networks and private blog networks that accept adult related links such as:

sex toys
etc... (you get the gist)

For instance I know that FTS - Free Traffic System allows adult links, and I am pretty sure that Article Ranks also allows such things... so what I am trying to do is get a comprehensive list of all the article syndication and private blog networks that allow for adult links for SEO purposes.

Appreciate all your help
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    Good idea, as its a complete pain trying to find services that provide adult link services, I dont know any sites or people that provide good consistant adult links though !

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    That's weird... no-one knows of any others? Or just not keen to share?
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    Yeah, I really doubt your going to have much luck finding one. Even some of the popular blog networks reject PG-13 material such as "dating" or "religion." They sure as heck aren't going to let in adult content.

    Unfortunate for people with adult related niches. But when you spend thousands of dollars to create and maintain a network, it's understandable that you would want it to remain protected. If I sold access to my blog network, I wouldn't allow adult content either.

    Perhaps your best course of action is to create your own network. That way you can link to your money sites as much as you want.
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    Originally Posted by MyDosty View Post

    No, none exist for adult sites.

    If you want to create one, feel free to pm me.
    sounds like a plan !!
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