Do you put adsense ads on your affiliate sites?

by ilee
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What are the negatives of doing this?
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    I'm also curious about this question...
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    No cons that I know of. If you use a Google Adsense Module, you can only post 3 ads per page, and more affiliate ads would mean less potential income from Adsense, because you don't get paid per click for most affiliate ads.
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      the downside is that people click off your website if they click a google ad and then you won't get a commission from your affiliate promotion.

      The upside is most of those people who click an ad were not going to buy anything from your website anyway, though some of them would.
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    There's no rules against it, many of my sites are monetized with both.

    Just test everything. Try it without Adsense and see if your affiliate sales increase, if not then put Adsense back on.
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    That's a good idea guys! I will put adsense on affiliate sites...
    Heck if they wont buy at least I can get them to click on an add...
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    The bad part is that the ads will divert their attention...but the good part is at least you get some clicks if they dont buy your product...

    So it depends a lot on your strategies on how you going to make profit out of your website..
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    It might distract your visitor to read your content. They might just click the ads rather than clicking your affiliate link.

    Some of marketers get success with this but it takes a lot of tries to make this both work. If you're a newbie, you might just focus on one methods first. Once you get tons of visitors, you can monetized your site with both methods.
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