Here's My Press Release Results For Those Who Are Curious ;-)

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Hello Marketers!

I am not sure if someone on this forum already shared their results with press release. But here it goes:
I submitted a press release to WebWire (WebPost) three months ago. My goal was to increase seo traffic to my website. Right after submission, there were some web syndications growing steadily (number of raw backlinks grew). Eventually, it grew up to thousands web syndications. I got up to about 10-20 visitors per day. Then backlinks started to drop off slowly over time. Currently I am down to 40 web syndications and about 0-3 visitors per day. I guess press release is good for temporary traffic boost. Dunno if its worth the investment for longer term.

Hope you can share with your press release results in a long term (not just few weeks).

All the best!
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  • what if you submit one press release per week?

    Do you think that would pay off after a few weeks?

    Now what about one press release per day?

    Now we're talkin!
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    You just submitted one press release, and that's not strange. You can't expect constantly visitors came to your blog just for one shot.
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      Actually I've submitted 5 press releases so far, just wanted to look at a figure with one press release. It looks like it is not a long term traffic except ExploringInfinity made a good point to keep submitting press releases but it can be pricey. Just wondering if it is worth the investment for seo traffic.
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