What is the best CTR for Adsense ???

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My blogs CTR is between 4-5. Some times it is going up to 12%.

If CTR is High (12%). Will it consider as invalid click activity ?

Can you tell me what will be the best CTR for a website or a blog ?
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    I've had a micro adsense site who had a CTR of about 90%. It's all about ads placement, and the best place I've found that works is just above the content. I've also had images above the ads, and they were below thr header title of the post.

    Also, don't include too many links in your content, and
    match the adsense ads with your theme, but leave the links blue as I found it makes the visitors click on them more often.
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    What most people don't understand is that Adsense CTR's is largely dependent on the niche that you choose. Some niches are click happy, while others include visitors that have a blatant blindness towards anything ad driven. For example, it will be incredibly difficult to achieve a good CTR in the internet marketing niche. Almost every visitor that reaches an internet marketing blog is aware of the Adsense program. Which makes it a lot more difficult for them to care about the ads being generated.

    However, the women's clothing niche is a far better choice. Targeted ads will display bargains and clothing deals to women with credit cards in their hands.

    So despite all the talk about ad placement and design, it's far more important to pick a good niche.
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    What I get is 10%+ that is when everything is in place such as quality traffic, site, CPC and so on.
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    CTR is overrated, as every other stat. Stats can fluctuate wildly on just one click.

    What matters is your bottom line.

    Everybody's CTR will be different. There is no number to give.
    I have sites that go from 0.001% to almost 100%.

    But man does it vary wildly from day to day.

    If you really want to know what the best CTR is, which is a different
    question actually than what we are answering, the answer would
    be 100%. Can't get any higher than that.

    Google is very stat-happy, probably because the public demands it.

    They tell you to ignore them for the most part. In fact, they struggle
    to get people over being stat-happy. Why? Because they are tired
    of people using stats as a reason to shmooze the system doing stupid
    stuff. They want people to concentrate on getting targeted, buying-minded
    visitors. Google tells you up front they would rather you get one click from
    a buyer who buys, rather than 100 clicks from no buyers. That's the catch.
    You improve CTR just to improve CTR, but nobody buys, you get smart priced.
    It also leads people to do dumb things.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Just because your CTR is 4-5, occasionally going as high as 12 is not going to automatically be considered invalid click activity. Google's review of clicks is much more sophisticated than just looking at CTR.
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