Approaching Labor Day: How's Your Adsense Doing?

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Hi all,

Just wanted to check in with you and see how your Adsense revenue is doing as the Labor Day weekend approaches in the US and Canada.

Personally? CTR is lower than usual for me right now, CPC is down and earnings are showing about 1/3 or less than usual; yesterday was decent enough.

I take it that this is another people-getting-ready-for-the-long-weekend plus getting-the-kids-ready-for-school thing, huh?

Just wanted to see how it's going for you guys; let me know.

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    Yeah it's definitely slower than usual, oh well, it'll pick up again
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    Cheers, I'd been wondering if it was just me.
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    I don't actually get that many clicks so my numbers might not be accurate, but today is actually one of my higher performing days, banking in $1.91 with a couple more hours left in the day!
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    I had a significant decrease in earnings today in-spite of putting up 3 new sites earlier this week. =/

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    Also seeing less traffic than usual for a Thursday, although my CTR is higher today after switching to text/image mix ad display. Hopefully this is the last down period before we see people back in front of their monitors more often.
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    Traffic and CTR are both down from yesterday but neither are at unusual levels. CPC is about average.
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    Mine is doing great going up. Cpc went down little
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