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Hey all,

Considering I've based my buying actions on reviews from member's posts on here, and having spent thousands in an attempt to learn all this along the way, I thought it would be fitting that I post a review on any service from now on that I try. It's the least I can do to "give back".

Here's today's:

Got this idea from Craig Mako's FastAttack system. Craig's ebook is awesome. FTS SUCKS x sucks = sucks cubed.

People say you get what you pay for. Yeah on this one No ****! The tool wouldn't even let me input url's without an error despite having the exact format. Then, after putting in my spun article based on their Nazi recommendations, I get yet a ton more errors! Over an hour spent on this thing, and no result. And you want me to upgrade to PRO?

Maybe it's a great tool for someone out there. I have no idea, But in all reality I don't care if it's free if it wastes my time as far as just getting a trial going you're off the list.

Apple is #1 for a reason. User friendly.

Hope this helps others. More posts to come as I dominate my industry.
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    Yeah, I didn't find Free Traffic System all that helpful either. While I didn't have trouble spinning articles or getting them accepted, I found the links to be utterly useless (if they stuck to the blogs my article posted to at all).

    I personally find it quicker and easier to build backlinks using other methods.

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    What error were you getting exactly?

    FTS seems pretty easy to use, but I haven't noticed any backlinks get indexed since using it plus ive heard very mixed feedback on it, so I don't use it anymore.

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    There very recently (Sept 8) updated their system to FTS2 which is much worse. As a free member I used to submit to 30 blogs. Today I went to post on a very common topic and there was only one blog available to free member, but unless you select 30 you can not submit!!! It appears this is now a useless system. Thes were OK for a while but now I am done with FTS.
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      I just joined them today and added one of my blogs so I could get the $7.95 upgrade per month for the Pro version FTS2.
      Submission part was easy, but when I went to choose the FREE sites, there were only 24 available in the niche I chose. Also all the sites were all PR 0.

      I will check them out over the next 30 days and see if anything good come from the system.

      I wish they had some training videos to walk you through the systems and usage, so far I've had to look on Youtube to find old out dated videos.

      FREE TRAFFIC SYSTEM - if you guys are on WF, how about a heads up and some responses to your customers concerns.
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