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What is the different between Title Tag and Meta Tag? I do not know how I can set it up n my joomla?

Thank you
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  • The title tag looks like <title>[Some text]</title> in the HTML and it is shown at the top of a browser (so the title of this page is 'Title Tag and Meta Tag)

    A meta tag is a type of HTML tag, found in the <head></head> section, which stores meta data about the page. There are numerous meta tags; the most common being meta description and meta keyword. Others include meta author and meta content type.
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    The Title tag is:
    The MOST important tag on your web page as this is the Tag that is shown in your Google/Yahoo listing and should contain your main keyword and a brief description about your web page. (you should do this separately on each page)

    Meta Tags can be:
    Meta keywords: which contain all your web pages keywords
    Meta Generator: which can be V bulletin, like this site for example and those are put there by certain applications, so don't worry about those.

    There are many Meta tags try Googleing the term "types of meta-tags" and you'll find all the types of meta tags there are.

    A good "Title" Meta tag should have no more that 160 letters/spaces/characters otherwise your description will be cut of in Google where it is describing you page.

    Hope that helps!

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    I haven't used Joomla in almost forever, but check out the "Title Manager" and "Tag Meta" Joomla extensions. Never used those but from their descriptions I guess they can get the job done.

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    Title tag goes for the main title of the page while meta tags are for keywords, description, and other...
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