Can You Measure Link Juice?

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Is there a way to measure the power of a link?

Is it even quantifiable?

If there's a method or tool that can do this do tell.

Thanks in advance!
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    Only google knows the true value of link juice, there are ways to guestimate how much a link will be worth to you but no, it's not quantifiable and I've never found a tool for it.

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  • Nope.

    You can look at the page's PR, and tools like SeoMoz's open site explorer, but there's no certain way to do this, nope.
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      Link juice isn't even a real name for anything. It's just an abstract idea that represents the potential of backlinks (for want of a better description).

      So the short answer is no, there is no way to measure it.
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    The only advice I can give here is this:

    Go to the site here Backlinks Checker Tool - Backlink Watch

    Tyoe in your site and write down all the links that point to your site.

    Head over to the site here PageRank Checker Tool, Multiple PageRank Checker, and PageRank Display

    enter in all the URLs that point to you and gage the page rank of the backlink giving page.

    This will give you some indication.

    You can also work out the value using the table here:

    Smart PageRank - Google PR Calulation Chart

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    Probably the closest you could come would be to divide the the PR value by the number of links on the page including on-site links.

    This will give you a very, very rough estimate.

    I do not know for sure, but I am betting that it is much more dynamic than that being that some links are structural and some are contextual.

    Lots and lots of grey area there.
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    You're wasting your time even worrying about it - PR is one of some 200 pus factors that determine actual SERPS ranking.
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    Originally Posted by MarketingMinded View Post

    Is there a way to measure the power of a link?
    "A link", probably not, really.

    Originally Posted by MarketingMinded View Post

    Is it even quantifiable?
    Yes, but only collectively, approximately and gradually. It doesn't suit people wanting immediate answers and certainty.

    It's actually not that difficult, over periods of time, to test out - approximately and collectively - the effects of numbers of different types of backlinks, and form a reasonably reliable impression of "what works" for you. The differences between types/places of backlinks can sometimes be really overwhelming and almost unmissable, if you do it enough times.

    It's time-consuming, and suits analytical people better than others, but it can be both very interesting and very worthwhile.

    It's fairly easily possible (albeit not quickly), from doing so, for example, to confirm that in general information common to many "standard SEO textbooks" is actually pretty reliable (especially when compared with "typical online information"). The most interesting part of the exercise is perhaps analysing the reasons for that. Some are all-too-obvious; others very much less so.
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