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Hello my friends,

I wonder why I didn't notice this before, but it appears that my title tag, while still optimized to attract visitors in my blog's code, is sort of "watered down" in the Google SERPs in that it only reads as my basic keyword phrase(s). I hope that is clear.

Why is this, and what should I do?

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    Hi Jonathan

    You definitely need to give a bit more info. I would love to help, but I am not sure what you mean.

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    The only thing I can think of is that occasionally your dmoz title will show up instead of your actual meta title. Is that what's happening?
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    I don't understand your question.
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    Check out Ultimate SEO. A wordpress plugin that will help you optimize your websites meta tile, description, and keywords. That should change your listing title to what you want it to say.
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      Alright I thought the need for more clarity might come up, so here it reworded.

      My on page SEO is just fine in that everything is designed to get rankings and attract visitors.

      SERP Title IE: Example Keyword | Discover More About Example Keyword Now

      But what I've found in google is simply Example Keyword everything else the same.

      The Dmoz suggestion seems to be a solid explanation for this; I have other sites which display as I would expect them to. I would be satisfied if there really is nothing more to it than this.

      OK thanks
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