Domain Rank vs Page Rank

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What is the main difference in these two?

In regards to backlinks, if you have a blog (high domain rank) that links back to a page on your site, do you get any link juice from the domain rank?

Or, does the new blog (page) automatically have a high (page?) rank because it is within the highly ranked domain?
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    As you submit your blog or blog comment with wordpress and if people like information of blog then you will definitely get the link juice from it and if your information is quality and searched by many people then you will get higher rank. And the it is not so that if you have blog on high domain then you will get high PR.
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      If the question is about the wordpress domain. No, having
      a wordpress domain like blahblah.wordpress.domain passes
      none of the high PR of wordpress "domain."

      But domains don't have PR. Websites do. The website located
      at has PR.

      If you personally have a blog that has high PR, and you link
      to another site, it may pass PR. Google is under no obligation
      to do anything. People forget that. Google could care less about
      a lot of junk pages that exist all over the net. But it's the PR
      of the page, not the PR of the "domain" that passes PR.

      There is no such thing as PR of a domain.

      I am assuming by "rank" you mean PageRank.

      If you have a blog that has PR5, and a post has PR n/a, then
      no PR is passed for any link in that post. At least at the present.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Try not to think in terms of domains but instead in terms of "pages" typically the homepage has the most PR, however any page on the net that has a number of authority links pointing at it will likely have some page rank.
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    Link juice depends on link back page if a site have pr5 and your site is linked to a inner page of this site that having page rank 1 and 10 OBL then you site get 1/10 link juice from that site or we can say from that page.High doman rank means site is useful but inner pages pr show the usefulness of individual page.
    In simple we can say page(person) belog to good site(family) but his/her importance depends on its own .
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    There's no such thing as "domain rank". That's the difference. Google ranks pages, not domains.
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    Thanks everyone. In scrapebox, what is the difference between domain page rank (this is just really page rank right?) and url page rank?
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