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I am going to show you two wordpress plugins known as CommentLuv Plugin and KeywordLuv Plugin. These two plugins appear on DoFollow blogs that are willing to give away backlinks to anybody that submit valued comments to their blog posts.


The CommentLuv plugin is currently the most popular out of the two plugins. It works by automatically scanning the url that the commentator has added to their comment post details. It determines if the url is either a static site or a blog. If a blog is detected, the plugin continues to scan the site to find the latest post. A link to this post is then placed under the comment that was submitted.

Unfortunately for SEO, a lot of blogs that use this plugin also NoFollow their comment links. Don' t let this stop you. Some of these NoFollow blogs have very high traffic volume. If your CommentLuv link is releated to the topic of the blog post like it should be, you will see a significant increase in traffic through link click through.

If you manage to find a DoFollow blog using CommentLuv. You will find a good way to build deep backlinks to your blog posts. Please make sure the comment luv link and the blog post are topic related so Google put more value on the backlink. Also make sure your comment ads value to the post.

How to find blogs using Comment Luv plugin?

The two ways I search for blogs that use CommentLuv plugin are quite simple. The plugin leaves a visual trace on the blog that it is installed on. This means a simple Google search will do the trick.

The older versions of CommentLuv leave the phrase "CommentLuv Enabled" on the blogs that run the plugin. Now to do a search to find blogs in your niche using comment luv, simply search
"CommentLuv Enabled" +Niche (e.g. "CommentLuv Enabled" fishing). Make sure to keep the CommentLuv Enabled in quotation marks so your search results are more refined.

Newer versions of comment luv display an image like this..... .
Simply do a Google Image search for "CommentLuv" and you will find many more blogs that use it.

KeywordLuv Plugin

This plugin should be classed as one of the best tools to help with link building in a long time. Strangely it isnt as popular as CommentLuv but I consider it one of the best weapons in my link building arsenal.

You have probably seen comments left on blog posts from people that don't use an actual name. Instead of their own name they use keywords that they want their own websites to rank for in the search engines. In turn this creates a backlink with anchor text. Google relies a lot on backlinks with anchor text to rank websites.
This is considered blog comment spam and most webmasters do not approve comments like this, even if the comment is relevant and contributes to the post discussion.

Keywordluv plugin is ingenious in that it allows you to post your name and keywords with a comment while only hyperlinking your keywords. Web masters that install the keywordluv plugin obviously support dofollow links so these backlinks are extremely easy to get and are usually approved 95% of the time.

Keywordluv plugin uses syntax to determine your name and the keywords to hyperlink. When writing in your name and keywords you will have to separate your name and anchor text keywords with the @ symbol. 'Bob Monie@Adelaide SEO' will be changed to "Bob Monie from Adelaide SEO" once you submit your comment.

It is very easy to find keywordluv blogs due to the fact that the plugin leaves the text "This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage." on your blog.

To find the keywordluv blogs in your niche, do a quote search " This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage." + your keywords or niche.

To find more DoFollow blogs that use Keywordluv, go to Find Do-Follow Blogs - Blogs with no "Nofollow" help you rank better | seo-traffic-guide

I have to repeat that you should not spam blogs with useless comments just to get a backlink. Make sure your comment is useful and adds to the discussion of the post.

The full article with image examples can be seen at Comment Luv & Keyword Luv - Get a Bit of Blog Backlink Lovin. >> SouthAussies.com
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    Thanks Bob for the info, i wasn't aware of these plug ins, is this a way of automating referals, so in essence you get several links for one comment, or does it matter that the links may all be on the same ip?
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      Originally Posted by alby View Post

      Thanks Bob for the info, i wasn't aware of these plug ins, is this a way of automating referals, so in essence you get several links for one comment, or does it matter that the links may all be on the same ip?
      Yes it is possible to get 2 links through the one comment, aslong as the blog has both keywordluv and commentluv plugins installed.

      KeywordLuv allows you to backlink to any url you choose while commentluv gives you a deep backlinks to your last blog post.
      Will be the next authority article directory. Come take a look around. Submit and Publish your own articles.
      200,000+ Articles, 48,000+ Authors, Articles indexed in Google in under 1 minute
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        Great post. CommentLuv blogs are a great for gaining backlinks. Although most blogs using CommentLuv give dofollow backlinks, I've found more and more blogs making their links nofollow. So Don't forget to use a NoDoFollow plugin to check.
        PBN links available: Many niches & each domain only has 10 OBL.
        PM to Guest post on Buzzfeed style 5 year old site. DA 38 / PR 4 / 300+ linking domains.
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    Nice one big guy! I like this and i will try to apply some of it..


    Learn More About Me later...

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    Great post..

    The Comment Luv plugin is a great tool for link builders..

    Just find the blogs with it on, post a valued added comment (not junk) but something that adds to the conversation and BAM.. You got backlinks..

    Try it folks it works great guns..

    Take care

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    Great content.. always looking for more ways to increase free targeted traffic, there is nothing sweeter!

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