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Hello great Warriors,
i wish to thank you all for the wonderful information you are providing here to members.
However,i had this problem for sometime now i had a blog from blogger which i thought that meet adsence requirement for approval but for close to 10 days now i have not gotten the approval,what would have been the problem?
Most importantly i want anyone who can help to please tell me the step by step methods of making money from adsence.
I am counting on your help for me to know how to make money online through this medium called adsence.
Thank you as you provide me with this information.
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    its Adsense. + Your application could have got rejected?
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    You would get a notice one way or the other. Wait and see... and check your junk mail folder....

    Chances are you do get approved if that blog looks half-decent.
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    add more useful content. Or better yet, get your own domain, stop forking over approx 50% of your earnings to the Blogger team. No? K, keep using blogger and let them take most of your earnings.
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    Just get a blogger blog first in case you don't have domain. Write one post, then go to apply. Your application will get accepted most of the time. If you don't want to share 50% with the blogger team, you can either turn the permission off inside the adsense or get a domain yourself.
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    One post blogs wont get accepted, if you did, you're one of the lucky ones who reviewed your blog who hasn't really paid attention to the new criteria.

    Don't be a cheap skate, get a proper domain.
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    Let us know the URL of your blog and we may be able to tell you why.

    How many posts have you made? Are the posts unique content? Are your posts advertisements?

    If you make a few unique posts then it is usually pretty easy to get accepted to Adsense. If your application is rejected then you will receive an email telling you why.

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    create blogger and post 10 articles in the span of 5 days then re-apply..
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    Yes, I agree with all above comments, just make sure you set up your web site and have some content post there first, and make sure your site is not abuse their program policies.
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    Adsense services provided by google has always a human interuption. They observe your website as a whole. they look in whether any of the page is still under construction, whether website is for some adult or harmful content...if they find the things to the mark then they wil approve your account and will provide you with a script that you need to embeed into your website...You also have some more options of how you want the adds to appear on your website like either horizontal or vertical or many more ways they have like text or banner type.......
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