"Content writing is an art", can you agree?

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I am in research about the impact of unique article in SE ranking. I have collected a few data on the subject and still want to get more analysis on the topic. I welcome your participation. Thanks
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    Content writing is definitely an art. An art of creating and composing groups of words to get attention or interest from readers and other people who don't actually like to read.

    It is like manipulation of the imagination and cognitive aspect of the readers, as well as the writer.

    If you have a quality content ranking on SE, it means that what you wrote has been taken with interest not only by Google bots but by many readers who can possibly link to it, which in return will benefit you and your website.

    Content writing is also a form of relevant and reputable sharing of information.

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    Those "who don't actually like to read" won't go searching for contents (good or bad).

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      Content writing is an art of providing a boost to your dull web business. If content writing is done as per the SEO norms then your business will prosper in full form. Proper and well-organized web content attracts traffic and in result there is a increase in web business. So, a successful web business is dependent upon the proper content writing and content-development.
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    You have to agree that you aren't a writer unless you write. Thus, try to use notes you have collected. Collecting and using ideas immediately shift into authoring mode.
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      I agree Mr. peter that as we get any idea in mind or from anywhere else, immediately we should apply it in our writing. We have to write any article or blog with best and unique content. As unique content such which comes in our mind as we think about any topic.
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    Content writing can be an art if you want it to be. Or it can be a simple statement of fact. Or it can be low quality mass produced spun content.

    It's like getting dinner. I could pay top dollar for a dining experience at a great restaurant, a few dollars for a simple meal at a small shop, or dirt cheap prices for low quality, mass produced food - like say a pack of instant noodles.

    It would be interesting if you could produce some research on the impact of the quality of the article on visitors.
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    Content writing is surely and art and a way to put things is a paragraph. A writer shares valuable information with others via this art and it is good for SEO too, A well written content goes viral and attracts tons of backlinks.
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    Pay me for some good content.

    I agree about the variation in available material online. There is a lot of garbage being sued but the saddest thing is that often the site owners don't even realise it is crap.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    Definitely! It is an art of delicate balancing of targeted web content that helps in overall enhancement of web business. After you've started web site, it's time for developing it. Proper content development aims to establish firm relation between targeted web content and commensurate increase in web business.
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    Yes I agree that content writing is one type of an art. You have to make your contents attractive to attract the visitors.
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    I think copywriting is an art. Anyone can really do it, but it is the technique in the way you write.
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