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Hey, guys. I recently set up a new blogger blog and put adsense on it. The adsense shows up on some of the blog entry pages, but not on the main page and not on some blog entry pages. They all use the same code, and all have a similar amount of content. Has anyone ever had that problem?

The blog is about models, so I thought maybe the ads were blocked because of suspected adult content, but the ads are showing on at least one blog entry page. Hmmm....
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    care to post your blog domain?
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    I had a similar problem.. I guess sometime it's just hard to predict..
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    you can try to reduce the number of ads to 2 or 3 ads display per page.

    hope this help.
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      The problem seems to be solved now. I don't know exactly what fixed it, but I changed the description to sound less "sexy" but more about women's fashion. And I changed some alt tags so that they no longer contained the words "Playboy, Playmate" or anything about breasts. So maybe it was flagged as a potential adult site until I changed it.

      But with Adsense you never know. Maybe the change happened automatically, just because time passed.

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