How do I Improve my English? Help!

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Since english is not our primary language, I would like to hear something from you guys on how do I really improve my English.

Because in my own perception Article Writing or good solid content is the best way to drive traffic to your site.

I do a lot of reading watching foreign movies but it turns out... still not perfect.

It hurts me sometimes when someone criticize me the way I write. Like "their or there" sometimes I get so confuse.

I was just hoping if you could give me some motivation.

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    Read, read, and read some more...(and not forum posts for the purpose of improving your language comprehension skills) books and reread until you comprehend the content. From your post you appear to have a very good grasp on the language. Maybe classes if that is an option. It appears it is just the finer points you need to master. You will do great with practice. Good luck.
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    Great that you posted this question because even I have been through the phase. Nothing much you have to do, just read blogs and comment your response on it, do check and read your response again and judge yourself whether it is suitable or not. Along with that try to read blog of niches that are your's favorite (this really works at a booming speed). Read books and Novels as here quality English words and sentences you could find.
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    u can read newsspapers,articles and improve grammer first
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    i do think your writing english is very good. I think you can read more good format articles and listen more audio and news to imrpove the spoken english.we all know the spoken english is very hard to manage for the foreigners which english is not primary language.
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      You seem to have a decent grasp of the English language in this short OP I read. Even those that English is there first or only language, I often see there substituted for their. It is a common practice. It drives me crazy when I see it, but you can't worry too much about it as so many others do it who should know better. I think it can only come through time.

      English is one of the craziest languages to master and if it hadn't been my native language, I would be having problems with it I am sure. Words spelled the same that mean different. Words spelled different and mean different. Many words that have silent letters in them. And the list goes on. Mastering grammar isn't easy for many of us, even natives. And that is before you have those from the UK (like me) and the Americans (USA) or Australian (I am not sure what language they speak, but it is supposed to be English:p). It is enough to drive anyone crazy.

      Tim Pears

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