Earn Money through google adsense for beginners??s

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would someone please help me that how can i make money through adsense, i have made my blog , i am just a beginner and dont enough know about Seo, PPl or blaa Please
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    u go to adsense, send a request to get the code for the ad's' it will take a few days untill they answer and eccept, and then copy the code on ur page html.
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    i got ads but im not getting any traffic kindly suggest me any site that may drive traffic to my blog and may not affect adsense either
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    i only know the regular way, go to a forum that involve the same idea as ur site and start advertise on ur signature, u also got facebook/twitter etc..
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    1) Target a micro niche (low in competion while high in searches) like "mmorpg games no download required" keyword.
    2) Register that niche keyword as a domain.
    3) Make 10 articles about your keyword. If you picked my example, write a total of 10 articles about mmorpg games and online mmorpg games.
    4) Find a static template in your niche (example a gaming template), upload so five of your articles to your main website and add Adsense to every article. And upload the rest of the articles to different article submissions and web 2 pages.
    5) PROFIT
    6) Repeat...

    In the earlier days, people converted as sick on micro niches. There people out there building tons of new websites every week, and those guys were banking four zeros monthly from AdSense.

    Try it out! Just remember do your research.

    Mike Tyler.

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    Submit articles and social bookmark, link to your site. LEARN, LEARN...traffic generation is one of the bigger "problems" when it comes to successful online marketing. If you have the funds you can also hire a SEO. But i recommend you learn about the basic principles first how to get traffic.
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    Take the help of Google.There are many resources available on this issue.
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    Article marketing and forum postings. Do it regularly and you'll get free traffic. Oh, forgot to mention the social networking sites too.
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    you will need good back links also
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    Most of what others mention above work, some of them work better and some others less (I don't believe in conventional article marketing where you write a few articles and submit them on hundred article directories, it is much better to write quality articles and submit each one of them on one place) but if you really want to get traffic and as a result money you should think like a businessman in the offline world.

    This means that you should first make connections or to say it better network with like minded people on your niche. The best way to do this is to find a few authority blogs on your niche and blog comment regularly on those blogs and write guest posts there, in that way you will develop relations with influential people on your niche and become an authority on your field.

    This may take a few months but then traffic will come naturally because people will want to learn more from you. Additionally search engines rankings will certainly improve since you will get quality back links from sites on your niche.

    So the result after all this will be that your site will get targeted traffic, quality natural back links and become recognizable as an expert on your field.
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