It's dead easy, don't get bogged down with all the SEO mumbo jumbo... it boils down to this:

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  1. Make pages on your website with the word(s) in you want to rank for.
  2. Build links into that page from other websites.

It's not rocket science. I'm getting a bit fed up of all the buzz words - link pyramids, link prisms (????), super tiered ping extreme backlink blaster ultra (i made that one up)...

But it just comes down to using a couple of methods and building some links into your pages. Make sure your not building too many, and build them from a variety of places. (not all social bookmarks , or not all articles) - vary anchor text.
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    Well, what can ya say? Pretty much sums it up really.

    The buzz words are funny though, people make a killing with these and they really aren't necessary at all.

    Where people make the biggest mistake is getting impatient and either giving up, or trying to cut corners by ordering a nuke blast and getting sand-boxed.

    If your keyword is competitive, it takes time to gain a respectable rank, deal with it and be patient and consistent.

    Great no BS and down to earth thread, I like it.
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    Yep, that does some it up.

    The challenge I've found is that building the links is an important, but rather drab job.
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      Originally Posted by MichaelWinicki View Post

      Yep, that does some it up.

      The challenge I've found is that building the links is an important, but rather drab job.
      I know, I hate it too, simply outsource it
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    You have put it down in simple straight words. Its really that simple
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    You are right, but there's over optimization and under optimization where you need to get the balance right in terms of on page SEO

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    Originally Posted by Joseph Michael View Post

    super tiered ping extreme backlink blaster ultra (i made that one up)...
    WEB Ladder Consulting, LLC
    Search Engine Optimization and Consulting
    Local Search Specialists!
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      I can help you do it.
      contact my socks.

      Something got lost in the translation here.
      What are your socks names and what do they
      know about SEO?
      Do the right thing---
      Because it is the right thing to do
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      Originally Posted by camitran View Post

      Hi everybody
      I do not think like you.
      if you build backlink profile của google will Quickly out of the game.
      I build the next link, the linkwheel, network ....
      I can help you do it.
      contact my socks.
      say what? :confused:
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    Pretty simplistic. But you're pretty much correct.

    1. Target keywords.

    2. Optimize your pages / URL's for those keywords.

    3. Make sure your on-page SEO is pristine.

    4. Build high quality backlinks to those pages, using your target keywords as your anchor text.

    That's the entire game in a nutshell. But there's a ton of different variations on how to DO the steps.
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    Sure the SEO is easy... finding keywords that can build solid revenue is the challenge
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    AMEN to that.

    Just read your Link Building Recipe report, solid stuff there. I have to disagree on one part in your report though... SEnuke kicks ass. But it does take a lot of work, that's why I personally outsource it.

    I think Kelly Felix is where I first heard about Link Juicer, I've been using that service too and all my rankings have gotten higher after subscribing and setting up campaigns.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I'm officially on your list.

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    I agree for the most part on how simplistic the formula is, but in posts like this, I find a background (unspoken) attitude that automation is bad. All of that mumbo jumbo stuff that you allude to are actually toolsets that apply themselves to part of the same formula that you espouse. The "tool" isn't the evil thing per se, but instead in HOW you use them.

    It comes down to this: if you're trying to rank for a certain keyword, and you've built an optimized page to rank for that keyword, but the top 10-15 sites who actually rank for that keyword have already done that mass link building, article distribution're in for a tough road my friend, and all of your talk about mumbo jumbo and simplicities now only put YOU in the corner because you've already conceded a higher understanding about what the benefits of a "link tier" is.

    btw- most link pyramids/tiers I see everyday are utilized to get backlinks indexed, not really to benefit or pass pr juice to pages.
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    My point is not to obsess over stuff and get paralyzed because of all the available tools/services/techniques out there.

    I understand some of the 'mumbo jumbo' is used even within the tools and services I use, but marketers out there should stop jumping from method to method, pick a couple of tools, or a couple of services, and go for it.

    a lot of the people I speak to just starting out are completely overwhelmed, and when I show them how I build links they are completely shocked and ask something like 'where's your link triangle' or 'don't you super tier ping blast your article links??'...

    My answer is always, yeah I could do... but this just worked...

    In a nut shell I use articles and social bookmarks mostly, then sprinkle a couple of blog network links in there for more competitive niches. I never use the tiered stuff... I think a couple of my tools give my links a blast auto pilot but thats about it.

    It's more business, less SEO. I don't want to get involved with the 'mumbo jumbo' if that makes sense.
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      It's interesting to see you don't use the tiered stuff that's always getting banded about these days. Did you find it didn't make much of a difference to your rankings when you tried both or have you just done mostly direct link building and still got good results from it? This is the area that I'm confused with so far, whether to go for a tiered approach or just use direct backlinks to the money site, but obviously not massive spam link blasts.
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    I've tried tiered linking and your right, it didn't make much difference. Maybe it does work well and I haven't tested it enough, who knows?

    There's thousands of ways to make a site rank. If tiered stuff works for you, use it again!

    The benefit of tiered linking for me would only be to protect your money site from being binned, like a bit of a buffer. I tend not to build REALLY ****ty links anyway, and I don't blast 1000s into the site, so I don't see the point in 'tiering' the backlinks. Just fire em right in!!

    The most links I ever build to a site is 1000 social bookmarks, drip fed over a month. Half the links wont ever get found and they wont be fully indexed for a good couple of months after at least... so that's pretty safe.

    I know how to get sites to rank in almost any market now, my only issue is it takes a good 2-3 months, sometimes 4-8 months for the more fierce markets.
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