Facebook shares or likes, which is good for SEO?

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I would like to know search engines are giving much importance to Facebook shares or likes?

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    shares for sure, likes are good, shares are better
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    Any social network activity, comments, shares that show people are interested in what you have going on it good. Twitter re-tweets, etc.
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    As by share , one share the whole information and this can be more beneficial to spread the information at more and more places. And likes just we get liked by many. So by this point of view share is the best.
    But as FB announced for restoring the old stuff and for that FB has decided to redesigned the news feed by which one can view the content by sorting as per the most recent or as per by most liked content. So now by this point of view likes be more important.
    So as per the time it will change so every one tries for the all things.
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    According to me google give more importance to facebook like as compare to share. Both are providing similar facility if you like some one's link then it will display it in your friends profile.
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    I guess shares fetch you more traffic compared to likes
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    Shares and likes are kind of signals of popularity of your pages... And Google does count social media reputation while ranking a webpage in search results.

    Along with ranking, it helps in convincing your visitor to read your content... If your page has 100 'likes' then it surely alerts the visitor about the good quality of your content.

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    Like means you just like that and share means you upload all the information again on your behalf, so defiantly share have more importance.
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    both are equally good for Seo
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    Any Facebook that has an activity with a link in it is great be it a share or a like.I don't think that during my work I prefer one over the other, they both look the same in terms of link.
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    I think Sharing is much better as a SEO move. The second is Twitters RTs.
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    I guess shares get more importance than likes. But both are equally good!!
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    We offer facebook shares on Fiverr
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    Facebook shares are better than facebook likes..
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    Sharing something on Facebook is a lot better than getting Facebook likes. For sure, you will get a lot of natural traffic there (possibly comments too).
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    I'd go for FB shares. Facebook shares, at least as related to Google searches, act as a sort of "super-metric", encompassing a variety of different factors.Earning Facebook shares (probably) will not directly boost your Google rankings but it may have positive effects that indirectly promote links, tweets and other signals Google may use.
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    Even though both fb shares and likes are important .
    Shares have more popularity. When any one share your Topic with them.
    It will be expanded on there wall and can be visible to all his/her friends very clearly.
    If you got the like , that will be visible very lighter.
    And ofcourse both are good for Seo.
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    Both are very effective but I think like is most preferable than share. Facebook is very popular site so both are effective for SMO.
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      While you share a post in Facebook it indicates you found it useful for others also. So share is better than like.
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    • Originally Posted by lamatic View Post

      For sure facebook share. Likes are only for visibility.
      Why wouldn't they count likes? I think these are also important.
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    social network activity, comments, shares and Twitter re-tweets, etc.
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    Both are important but sharing has wider scope. It lets more people like your page.
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    In my view, facebook shares is better than likes. But both are important.

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    Shares are definitely more important. It gives your page exposure, which will naturally increase the likes, thus building more organic traffic to your page.
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    You want shares for the links and accompanying traffic.
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    I Think Both Of Them Matters Equally !!
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    Of course the share. But I think you should understand that Facebook (just like twitter!) will help you drive more visitors to your website, it will NOT help you a lot for your ranking

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    They are good in their separate ways. But as for SEO the shares are probably best. Having a lot of likes is great for traffic and exposure when you pot updates on your page.
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