What's this ALL ABOUT? - You're invited to Join Google +

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Hi! I've just seen the new google logo.

What is that all about?

Is it a tracking?

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    No it isn't. Google has opened the door of Google+ for everyone now. Unlike earlier when it was reaching from person to person. But with a huge downfall in no. of users and lose of interest, Google must have forced to bring it for everyone. Although, how much of difference it gonna make is remained to seen.
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    hi i am new to google+,it can easly compete with remaining social networkings.
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      hi i am new to google+,it can easly compete with remaining social networkings.
      I don't agree because FB is numero Uno now in the field of social networking just like Google is in search engines. It won't be easy for anyone to dethrone Facebook and FB won't allow anyone even if it's google to take away its pie.
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    I used it for a couple weeks and it became very boring to me. I'm back to facebook full time now (for the social aspects of my internet life) and rarely click on the Plus. But I think they had to open it up to everyone. The allure of getting in the private club wasn't catching on to the non-geeky and you no longer see everyone asking for Google Plus invites anymore. And aesthetically, Google Plus is just butt-ugly.

    I know many will disagree and hey.. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Google Plus will end up being another Google Fail. Google Plus reminds me of twitter, only with long messages. The only people using it are those trying to market their crap to others.

    Maybe all of Google's planned enhancements that they keep teasing us about will change my mind. However, it seems that Facebook just keeps grabbing Google Plus ideas and incorporating them almost overnight so it's not allowing Google to gain any kind of advantage.
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    Yes, yesterday i created account on google+ ... Nice dude ...
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    Well of course G+ can't compete with Facebook at the moment.
    But who is to say that it can't be a strong competitor, or even overcome it in time.

    People were saying the same with MySpace when Facebook came to be.
    See how that turned out.
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