Does one bad quality site on the server drop ranking for all others on the same server?

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Hi all,

ok I'll try to keep it short. I have one server with multiple sites (about 20-30) that were doing fine in SERPs and traffic.
Now I created a page to collect addresses for a client. It's the health insurance niche in Germany, which is very competitive and might have a lot of spammy sites for Google to filter out.
So I created that page on the last weekend and it went online beginning of this week. I started an adwords campaign. Since the original Domain was too long for the ads I bought another one and connected it to the same site but forgot to redirect one of the two via 301. So two domains with the same content. Then Adwords approved the ads for one day. This morning the ads were shut down since the site does not meet the quality guidlines. I'm ok with that I'll have to work on the page, that's fine.

What really bugs me and is very strange all other sites on the server dropped in their SERPs from page 1 to about page 6-8. This all happend this morning.

Are these two occurences co-related?

I just shut down the two "not good" domains. Can I expect the others to improve their SERPs again? What to do in such a case?

I'm open for any suggestion.

Thanks a lot,

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    Same server it doesn't matter, same adsense account it matters.
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      Thanks for your answer.

      What do you mean? Same adsense account?

      There was a problem with the adwords of one site, but not with adsense. Well all sites that dropped show ads from the same adsense account yes but I doubt that is the problem why the sites dropped in SERP.

      I appreciate all input.



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      Same server it doesn't matter, same adsense account it matters.
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      Originally Posted by cadmo View Post

      Make sure that the bad site do not contain backlinks to other sites hosted on the same server. If one site is affected that does not mean all other sites on that server will be affected. But make sure there is no internal linking else all other sites will be sent to supplement index. In that case you have to immediately remove outbound links from the affected links.

      Thanks, I do have interlinked about 5 of the 20 sites. However the 15 that are not intrelinked are still punished. So I guess that's not the problem either.

      The bad site is gone BTW and never linked to any other site at all.


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