After ONE year, ALL my sites were EXPIRING and I didnt even know it! What now?

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Hello everyone, I need some advice. A year ago I went on a rampage after finding some nice outsourced help, I had around 100 websites made all based around products and/or cpa offers. Within 2 months of making those sites I got out of internet marketing completely since I got hired at a new job..... so I let these sites kind of sit. Well I must have set up my hosting and domain renewal account under an email address that I dont frequent very often because over the last month Ive been getting notices for domain renewals, and Domain Expired notices. I was planning on selling these off before the years end, but time flew by and now I dont know what to do. If I repurchase the domains, are they still worth anything?? I am still a newbie at that so I dont even know how all this pans out, do I lose all the SEO indexing, etc. once the site expires?? Please help, I still have "Domain Renewal" notices coming in daily, and IM not even sure what to do with the ones I still have before they expire as well. Cheers.
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    I would first set all the domains to not automatically renew, just to be safe... Most likely the domain are not worth a lot if you haven't been maintaining them.

    It sounds like what you are trying to do is make a lot of money from little traffic across a lot of domains on autopilot... I would let them go and start over, if you have time

    Are the domain names exact match, high traffic keywords?
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      Originally Posted by kolbywhite28 View Post

      I believe they are not considered dropped yet. So, if you renew now, it is as good as normal. But you should seek another opinion.
      If you renew them, in terms of SEO and search engine indexing not much will change. If they have dropped from where they ranked they will start to rise again to the same position within a few weeks, but what exactly they are worth since they have not been active is open to question. Getting them back to a relatively low-value position may not be of much use to you.
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    You don't mention if all this site has ever generated any income no mater how small. If they had ever given you any income try and renew both the domains and hosting thereafter outsource the maintenance of it.

    With time it will pay for itself.
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      Seems that probably.....they were not generating much at all actually.....Being new myself, I just thought that maybe getting indexed for specific terms may have made them atleast worth more than the cost of hosting and domain purchase LOL. anyone ??
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    What is the question here?

    If you want to spend 1000+ renewing all of these domains, then go for it. Are you going to do anything with them after? I don't exactly understand what your question is here. I doubt they are worth anything to anyone but you at the moment if they aren't making money, so if you're not going to do anything with them, I'd cancel them all and forget about it.
    "Keep moving forward."
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