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I seem to be banned from Google search, as far as getting any of my pages ranked. Even if I do posts on keywords with 200 to 500 searches per month. So I think I am wasting my time fighting the odds.

I want to build a/some squeeze page(s) and promote stuff that way. Send the traffic from PPC. I know there is a big downside to this and could waste a lot of money buying clicks. But it is worth a try. Cuz nothing else is working for me since I sold my news site. One of the dumbest things I ever did.

Anyway, my question is, what things do I need to watch out for so I don't get banned from AdWords? What pages should I add in order to conform to Google? I have heard that I need a few articles, about, contact. Can someone that knows share some doos and don't with me so I don't screw this up?
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    If you feel that your site is banned from google and you are not sure why, send a reconsideration request to google, they do read those and they might tell you if you are banned and what you need to fix.

    Other than that, you could move your site to a different hosting account and bookmark it some and it might resuscitate.

    As far as adwords go, i wouldn't really waste my time as there is so much to comply with in their landing page policies that it becomes a full time job building a lander that complies with everything.

    But if you are that determined to give it a try, I would carefully read their landing page policy and carefully cover your asse as much as you can before you start the ad campaign on your site.
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    I am pretty determined. I am about to give up the blogging all together as I have not been able to rank any site so far. Doesn't matter how many high PR links I do.

    I thought I had information on how to build a squeeze page, but I can't find it so I came here to ask for advice. Not having a whole lot of luck getting it either. Maybe I will have to do my own research later on when I get back from dialysis.

    Tim Pears

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