Can I use Xfactor type template for my adsense blog or will i get in trouble?

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Does anyone have experience with XFactor templates for their adsense blogs? supposedly the have high click through rates. I am tempted to use them because I am only getting 2% click throughs now.

But when I look at them I think they kinda look spammy, so I am worried I can get in trouble. Plus I hear google is cracking down on Xfactor type sites. is this true? Or can I go a head and use Xfactor templates.
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    They are kind of old school now. Especially that green color. He made the original one with XSitePro 1. They are pretty simple templates and there probably isn't really any reason why you just can't make your own.

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    I wouldn't do it, personally. Themes that are looked at as "MFA" like the xfactor style increase your odds of getting your adsense acct banned.
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    yeah i am making my own just wondering if i should. so i have 1 vote that confirms no.

    If not Xfactor then what? Can some point to a webpage with a recommended layout for adsense

    if you know of a template that is good that would be great too thanks
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    just get the Clickbump themes. there's a various theme you can choose

    or you can try Prosense

    ProSense: An Adsense Ready SEO Wordpress Theme

    nothing to put here..

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    u can, but make sure that the content is quality
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      Originally Posted by futuremills View Post

      u can, but make sure that the content is quality
      Yea. Just make it valuable add more content. Make an authority site from an xfactor theme. Trust me. I used it for one day and my ctr was through the ceiling.
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        Scott (clickbump) has many variations to the original xfactor style themes as well as many others , and they work very well for adsense. I strongly recommend them. They will not get you banned.
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    Just look @ what you like in the XFACTOR themes, as well as ad placement, and create your own clean design with the proven principles of his themes.
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    Some other themes I like is the CTR theme and the WP Adsense theme(free alternative to the CTR theme).

    Michael Lee

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    I prefer the CTR theme as well over the Xfactor and Clickbump
    Depending on the type of site if its a non adsense I use Thesis
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