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Hey I know nowadays there are tons and tons of people who have come out with courses on facebook ppc. I have even had some good results and could even come out with my own product.

My question is who is the go to guy the Master per sey that is absolutely still crushing it with fb ppc where I can get some extra golden nuggets to play off of in my marketing campaigns.

I been able to generate leads for my business for anywhere between $1 to $2.50 per but I want to lower my cpc cost.

Any tips, strategies or recommendations would be more than welcomed. Also if anybody is looking for tips on what has worked for me let me know.

Thanks In Advance,

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    I don't really know who is the guru of facebook ppc but recently I have been interested in getting involve in that and made some research. What i find out that maybe you already know. is that if you target a smaller fanpage or group that no one else is targeting you can get some GREAT result.
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    Well I do remember hearing a story recently that could give you guys something worth researching related to FB PPC.

    I know a guy who works at Outback Steak House and in our discussions he indicated that the Outback makes more from their FaceBook Fan Page and PPC than they ever could from traditional media and methods.

    So I would start by looking at how they have their page and campaign setup.

    Hope this helps.

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      Great advice. Does anyone here know a way to find out what your competition is using for keywords in your niche?

      If someone has that advice that would be awesome.

      God Bless
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    Facebook to fanpages can result in penny clicks. It's that and how you monetize the fanpage that matter.

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