No google traffic but first page on yahoo

by slix
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Hello fellow warriors,

I am trying to figure out why am I ranking for my keyword on 2nd spot on yahoo and big, but I am like on 5th page on google and traffic is pretty much non-existant from the Big Boy.

Any ideas?
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    It's simply because they've got a different algorithm. It sometimes happens to me for some of my websites, where I'm on first the page of yahoo, and nowhere to be found on google. But usually, once I have built some more backlinks, it get's a stabilized position on the first page of both

    You have got to just continue backlinking. I give more priority to my Google rankings, that's from where most of the traffic comes from.
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    Not much, because this keyword doesn't have large search volume, but its a buyer one. Between 20 and 30 per day for that keyword.
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    I am finding that I generally rank much better on Google than Yahoo.
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    The same happens to me on other sites, but this one is different. I was hoping someone new why, because I optimized it in the same way as other sites (for google!).
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