How Much Varying Of Anchor Texts Is Good Enough?

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I keep hearing about people getting de-indexed and sandboxed for not varying anchor texts.

So when anchor text is properly varied are we talking about 10, 20, 30, 40 different anchor texts?

Or 50?

Or 60?
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    I wouldn't of thought any more that 10-20 is strictly necessary but I could be wrong. I mean the more the better I suppose as it looks more natural but I personally wouldn't sit there consciously trying to vary up to 60 anchor texts!
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    I generally use 4-6 different anchor text per page to be safe. Hasn't failed me yet.
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    You don't get de-indexed for not varying anchor text. You get de-indexed for doing things google deems not kosher. The same anchor text only leaves footprints but its not an SEO penalty that I know of.

    I'm imagining you trying to get links to one article and varying your anchor 50 times. That's overkill. It's all about time. You have limited time, so use it wisely.

    First, link to your article not the homepage.
    Second, vary your anchor text....5 is more than enough. Please make sure its LSI and the anchor text is in the article you've written.
    Third...repeat with next article.

    If you do have to use only 1 anchor text, link it to an authority site you control, an aged domain you control or Web 2.0 property that you have natured.
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    I usually keep 50% and I think 60% also would be fine

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    Don't think people are getting de-indexed strictly for not varying anchor text. Throwing a few 'varied' forms in there doesn't hurt, but I mainly stick to my targeted keywords for anchor texts.
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    Anchor text IS an exact science, and that’s the problem. We’ll never know for sure where it’s going, or what the ideal variation is because of the hundreds of variables we can never truly control. With enough rationale, experience and “feel” that comes with a experience and time with keyword set with it’s own unique semantic closeness – you might just get a good feel for a near-ideal percentage to maximize rankings for a given keyword.

    I wouldn’t ever come out and say it, though. These things will never stay stable, and they’ll never be provable. So just know that you should use one anchor text 100% of the time, and not 0% of the time, either. That much we know for sure.
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    Are you guys talking about varying the anchor text to individual URLs?
    or to the domain in general

    If I have 50 different unique urls SEO optimized for 50 different kws on the same domain

    Is varying the anchor text required for EACH unique url?
    In other words I have a page for

    hot red corvettes
    blue discount corvette
    1977 corvette Stingrays

    each is a different url
    do EACH of those urls need varied anchor text?
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