how to estimate the cost of ranking a site w/ different type of competition

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Are there ways to approximately estimate the cost of ranking a site?
Let's say you want to create a site and rank it in the top3.
By analyzing the competition of the first page of your keyword you know which sites you have to outrank but how long would it take and if you outsource how much you would have to pay?

Are there keyword tools or any other ways to make this?

Any chance?
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    can anyone give me some guidelines?
    it's hard to commit to a project if you can't figure out how much time it would take or if outsourced how much it would cost

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    If you're in the market for SEO services, there's a lot of factors that can affect what you should expect to pay, not to mention the great number of formats an SEO contract might take.

    The following can all affect the price you might pay for organic optimization consulting or hands-on services:

    Size & Complexity of Website
    Size of Brand/Organization
    Difficulty of Project / Competitiveness of Rankings
    Personality Issues (if you're a very controlling personality, expect a generally higher price)
    Reputation, Notability & Demand for the SEO Firm

    Furthermore, the prices themselves are all across the board,and they can vary from low end to high end...
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