Adwords and Organic Results Benefit?

by Govnor
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My 'educated' guess tells me the answer will be NO (no benefit), however, thought I better confirm this:

Google Adwords campaigns will have NO benefit to ‘organic’ keyword search results – ever…

Say I ran an Adwords campaign for a keyword titled ‘purple widget’. If I ran this Adwords campaign for the keyword for say, 1-2yrs solid, generating 1000s upon 1000s of clicks, my website would not ever gain any organic search benefit for the keyword ‘purple widget’.


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    You are right. Adwords and organic results are totally different thing.
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      I agree with your educated guess, That would mean your essentially buying Google ranking within organic search results.

      My thoughts anyway
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    Google adwords will only bring you the clinks by ads on different webpages,.But origanic searches are decided by your SERP-how much seo work you do to get the backlinks for your keywords.
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