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I want to invest some money into my SEO (not alot though). I was wondering if anyone has had any success with using Fiverr for SEO purposes. I want to get a few gigs.

One for onsite seo help and maybe a couple for off site seo stuff.

Any suggestions or recomendations on what or who I should hire? Has anyone else tried this?

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    I think there was a thread started a while ago for the best fiverr gigs but I cant find it right now. Have a go in the search function and see wht comes up. It has been discussed a few times.

    One thing to remember is that you have to be very careful with fiverr gigs as with most things you get what you pay for.

    1000's of IT jobs in the UK online now at Dice

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    Thanks, I found it. I think the only SEO service I would use on Fiverr would be the 3 Squidoo lenses for 5. Here is the thread:
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    What are other fiverr like sites that are also recommended, zerk?
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    portron has good seo services but he's also got an epic queue
    Marketer's Center is creating free tools for the SEO community!
    Sick Analytics: Find and fix your worst pages. Entity Explorer: Make your content better with related entities.
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    Isn't the thread title an oxymoron?
    • Best
    • Fiverr
    • SEO services

    How are you going to get best anything seo related for $4 (minus fiverr fee)?
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Isn't the thread title an oxymoron?
      • Best
      • Fiverr
      • SEO services

      How are you going to get best anything seo related for $4 (minus fiverr fee)?
      I admit, that it is depressing. But have faith because there are genuine people left on fiver who need to make money for whatever reason...even if it is pennies.
      Something stinks...
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    Well the top five services of SEO include,

    1. Blog Posting
    2. Book Marking
    3. Blog Commenting
    4. Forum Postings
    5. Web Directory Submission......
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    Anymore comments on Fiverr gigs
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    I will suggest a some of the SEO services are
    1.Directory Submission
    2.Blog Submission
    3.Article Submission
    4.Forum Posting
    5.Press Relies bookmarking etc.
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    am I allowed to mention that I have a few interesting SEO gigs on fiverr that might be of interest?

    here's the link to all my gigs >>

    **December 2015**
    I just left my 30 year career JOB after making 3 x more than my salary within 12 months doing Amazon FBA. Specializing in Private label health, nutrition and men's grooming products. Its the best business in the world, please check out one of my sites here

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    fiverr is a great place to find seo services, you have to do your search carefully and watch out for scammers,
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    Actually I use Fiverr with great success. As well as targeted and ranking medium to high searched keywords I also target everything between 100-500 searches a month and can usually get on the first page of Google with just the manually bookmarking submission service. If more is needed I usually just bang hire a $5 link pyramid and thats it.

    These keywords are extremely easy to rank for because noone wants them. IM is a numbers game, if I have 15 keywords ranking on the first page of Google with a minimum 100 searches per month each, then thats 1500 searches a month I haven't had to compete for, then on top of that the related keywords that Google will choose my page for which I haven't targeted, then add Bing and Yahoo to the equation and I have extra traffic coming into my site which only cost me $5-$10 to acquire. This procedure has worked well for me with my two test sites on track to making their first $1000 this month thanks in large portion to targeting these low searched keywords as well.

    I wouldn't recommend Fiverr for high competition KW's but ranking for low keywords is the only option I would recommend.
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    There are a lot of great gigs on fiverr. Just figure what kind of link you need and than search for it. there is everything there...
    BTW. I advice you launch a few niche sites and test different gigs/backlink strategies. always track everything - dates, positions, traffic etc' to gain maximum data from the tests.

    Good luck

    Karma is sweet :)
    The only way to succeed is to make others successful.

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    Here's a good thread for fiver SEO services:

    Someone should probably bump it..
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    I found a great writer on there tonday that is simply amazing!
    write you unique high quality 500 word article for $5 - mellisageyer

    She wrote a high quality article for my PR7 blog fiverr gig.

    My Guitar Website | My SEO Blog - Advertising spots available.

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    Most of my sites are ranked only by using Fiverr Gigs and my own linkbuilding also.
    However sometimes is need more power, then I can buy something from Warriorforum.
    Don't waste your money, use more Fiverr Gigs
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