What kind of numbers make a great keyword?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm an IM noob but I've got my study hat on and am learning all about SEO and keywords at the moment. I have a question that I hope some of you could help me out with. What kind of numbers define a great keyword? Initially I am using the Google Adwords keyword research tool so I only have the Competition, Global monthly searches, Local monthly searches.

I have a few domains in niches that I have a genuine interest in which I have accumulated over the years with the idea that at some point I would get serious and start building websites. I came across some interesting numbers for one of the domains which look quite different to the others I have been researching. Could anyone tell me at a quick glance do these indicate that I might be on to something that could at least have potential through the keywords themselves (I realise there is a lot more that will be required to actually generating traffic).

I've abbreviated the results to Comp (competition), GM (global monthly searches), LM (local monthly searches - based here on US)

Results containing the actual keyword in domain combined with others relevant to my niche
Comp GM LM
0.04 33100 9900
0.05 4400 2400
0.04 33100 9900
0.04 33100 9900
0.05 18100 8100
0.05 4400 2400

Some other keywords directly relating to the niche but not containing the keyword that is in the domain:
0.21 6120000 3350000
0.16 673000 368000
0.17 550000 301000
0.21 6120000 3350000
0.18 11100000 7480000
0.16 1000000 673000
0.21 6120000 3350000
0.21 6120000 3350000
0.35 201000 90500
0.13 110000 40500

To me it looks as though the number of sites competing for this keyword is relatively low in comparison to the amount of searches both using the domain keyword and other directly relevant keywords to the niche. Am I right or wrong? Are there any other free tools I should take these keywords to for Phase 2 of the keyword research phase? If I'm completely wrong, a steer on what kind of numbers generally indicate sufficient interest in a keyword for it to be classed as 'important' would be very helpful.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Impossible to say without knowing the keywords.


    500 "exact" searches a month that are BUYER focused can be much more beneficial than 5,000+ exact searches that aren't.

    A lot of people flat-out ignore keywords with less than 1500 exact searches a month. Why? I'm not sure. I'll take the keyword with 500 searches from people ready to buy than 3,000 who aren't.
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      I would consider this a very keen keyword for both digital and physical products, to use this as a search word would indicate you are looking for a specific product solution to a very niche problem.
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    I look for buyer keywords (as mentioned by JSprojects) with low first page competition. If you have a good key word i.e "buy keyword" , or whatever the case maybe, search google, and check out the competition on that page. I usually look at the average page rank of the page, and the back links from the top three listings. Sometimes you find gems, and can get on to the first page of google with ease. You just need to do your research. Also, look at google insights, and google trends, I have found some good keywords there as well.
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    Very helpful tips, I'll get working on that tonight.
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    I personally never use "global". I go for "phrase and exact" search volume.

    When I first started out, I went after long tail keywords around the 300-500 exact searches a month. While the traffic I received was minimal, I was able to get them ranked quickly and it helped me develop some confidence as I was learning.

    Nowadays I go after much higher volume keywords, but there are a variety of variables that need to be looked at. You can find some great longer tail keywords that can be used for multiple variations and do quite well at.

    As for keyword tools, I've used a bunch. Some free, some paid and I keep coming back to the free version of Traffic Travis. It's quick and easy to use and gives me the information I'm looking for.

    If I don't think I can crack the top 5, I move on, as you can always find other words.

    I spend more time on KW research then I do on any other aspect of my business.

    Good luck on whatever you do!
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