Top of Google for 2 Years - Why Are Sales So Low?

by rimam1
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Site is:

6,000 to 7,000 monthly visitors for the past 2 years. Only 5 affiliate sales total. Here's the site:

What's up with that?



I've added Popup Domination and a sidebar optin and only got 30 subscribers in 2 years. What gives?
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    Maybe niche you're in not good one..
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    may more adense on your sites. Just try it and see what happens . This is the only way to know
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    That is really shocking results.
    The site looks fine, the niche seems fine and you have tried the opt ins.

    Have you analyzed your traffic?

    I had a site a site similar and found it difficult to workout until I checked out where my traffic was coming from and found it was 3rd world countries where they would be unlikely to afford a CB product or not eligible for CPA.
    I then changed the site geared towards adsense monetizing only and almost immediately it was bringing in $5 per day which maybe not a fortune but was more than before.

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    Peter May is on point: analyze your traffic.

    You know I just visited your website and it looks good. I would suggest posting a similar post as this one in forums aimed at health and wellness. Yahoo groups is pretty robust in this niche.

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    Am I looking at the right site? I don't see an opt-in, you have four different tabs that all lead to the same posts (chest workout, chest workouts, chest exercise, chest exercises), I'm seeing blank Easy Adsense Pro blocks on your Home, About, Contact Us, and Disclosure Policy pages, and there are ads so mixed in with your posts I can't even read one all the way through.

    What I saw doesn't line up with the comments above me so I'm wondering if you're maybe in the middle of changes at this very moment?

    Does seem there's a lot you could do to clean this site up and turn it around. You really ought to see much better results with that kind of traffic so you have a great opportunity to test some changes and turn the ship around.

    Just at a high level:
    • Take control of that navigation and get away from using four tabs that all mean (and lead to) the same thing. Really organize your content for your visitors so they can find what they want more quickly.
    • Test that opt-in process. One of your posts even says something about signing up with the form on the right but I am not seeing any opt-in box. I'm using Firefox.
    • Re-organize your ad space so it's not threaded throughout each post and taking up the top of every page. Ads should work WITH your content and not distract from it.
    • Lead your visitor towards the offer and then make the offer more obvious (call to action).
    Just some thoughts. This is a natural part of the process, in my opinion. Once you do the hard part of getting the traffic to your site, you have to work on the structure that drives clickthroughs and conversions and it seems that is where you are.
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      You speak with authority and clarity... needless to say, your advice is really helpful.

      Yeah, I just installed a bunch of Adsense plugins so the site looks pretty bad right now. I'm going to clean it up and focus on getting emails. I actually removed my optin box because it was performing so poorly. Not sure if I should just focus on optins and Adsense or leave the affiliate banners up as well.

      I have other sites with similar traffic which could probably convert much better. This will be my test site. If I can get this to make money I'll duplicate it on the others.

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        Originally Posted by rimam1 View Post

        I have other sites with similar traffic which could probably convert much better. This will be my test site. If I can get this to make money I'll duplicate it on the others.

        You're probably sitting in a really good spot, then, with traffic to multiple sites. Fix the conversion issue and you'll be able to duplicate all you've done and your roadmap will be ready to rinse and repeat. Just focus on that one until it's performing as you expect. Good luck!
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    Remove the video Ad, the Bidvertiser video Ad never loads.

    I'm running Win7 & Google Chrome browser, no way am I going to click some browser update link inside of an Ad. I'm 99% sure my browser is up to date already.

    Wasted Ad space...

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    The call to action seems kind of weak.

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems more like an informational site than an ecommerce site.
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    Looks like a crappy autoblog to me... thats the truth. Id hit the back button in 0.5 sec too
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      Hey Raza, no offense, but shouldn't this have been
      addressed two years ago?

      Just sayin'....

      I'd say that affiliate thing just aint workin' out.

      Do something else. But don't wait 2 more years.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Change your template design and put more contact option for visitor...

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    You have conversion problems, fix your navigational issues, I don't see the ads you have anywhere related to your site's topic that is also a major problem. Also affiliates sales need a lot of targeted traffic that could be also lacking track how much targeted traffic do you get, I mean from your targeted keyword in the searches and from other related sites.

    Try to target more searched keyword in your niche and see if you can rank higher. Advertise the products and services that are related to your site only.
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    You said your site top of google but i check your alexa rank is > 2 million
    Why you think so?
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