Nofollow PR8 Backlink - Did it push me to the number #1 spot?

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Hey guys,

A few days ago I stumbled across an actual on-page PR8 blog, and I left a comment relevant to the topic with my backlink. Turns out it was "nofollow" and didn't think too much of it.

I checked my Google rankings today for one of my sites, and I'm now sitting at the number #1 spot! (Before I was ranked #6)

I haven't done much backlinking lately, and I'm starting to think the PR8 link caused it. Is it possible that this backlink gave me this boost in Google? Or is it more likely coincidence?
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    I think for testing it you should not add backlinks for maybe one-two weeks and wait for you rankings.. if it's still there then maybe the PR8 links has an influence.. but for sitting there I think your SEO onpage must be good!

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    Does the Nofollow PR8 backlink gives high (Outbound llinks)OBL?
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    Nofollow / dofollow are largely irrelevant in my humble opinion. Based on 4 years experience, I have concluded high authority nofollow links will certainly increase your rankings. That and EDU backlinks
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    Probably yes!

    Nofollow really doesn't matter based on my observations. The 'authority/trust rank' is what does. But some people here insist it matters, may be that's because they want the nofollows to remain untouched!

    Here's another thing that doesn't matter - a non-anchor text backlink from a page like that. Your chances of getting a spammy anchor text approved from a manually reviewed site are usually low. But if you don't worry about keyword anchor text, your chances go up suddenly. You get 100s of other keyword anchor text backlinks, so one keyword anchor text wouldn't matter too much!
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      I think a backlink is a backlink no mather where you get it followed or nofollowed. If I got the chance put my link on an nofollow blog with a PR8 page I'll do it.
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    No-follow is there to not pass any link juice to the other site, if it still does whats the use of having a nofollow. I think it just a co-incidence, also have checked that whether the keyword that you rank for has any competition? I would be very interested to know how many visitors you are getting from those keywords.

    But if you really want to be sure just try to target a higher keyword and see after making a couple of more comments if it gets you anywhere.
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    So this was a blog comment. Can you show me the format you used to drop your link? Did you put it in the comment, or in the form spot for the URL?

    My biggest confusion when doing this is how to get my link with the keyword hyper-linked. I have tried a few different ways, only to be disapointed with the results.

    Congratulation on your getting to the top. Do you mind telling us how much competition this has and the search volume?

    Tim Pears

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    I once read about no follow and do follow backlinks. Most people stated that that does not matter. What matter is, the ranking of the website where you put those backlinks. The higher their ranking are, means they are reputable and can give some impact on your SERP.
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    The assumption by many is that nofollow links will not pass much, if any, link juice or anchor text value. But the nofollow link can still pass relevance... and slightly more in my opinion. Google may not "count" the link as a weighted backlink but this doesn’t mean they ignore the anchor text being used or the authoritative status of the website being linked from.
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    I think its a coincidence. I also wonder about the PR 8 Blog page. you said you used it as a blog comment. Getting a PR8 Comment live its a hard achievement.
    Congratulations you got the #1 spot.
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    Post a few more comments on the same PR 8 page for some of your other sites / pages. Watch and see what happens.

    Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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    I had something like this happen, it boosted SERP rankings temporarily but not actual page rank. Can someone tell me do they know if this indeed does help or must we guess because Google is so secretive about the formula?

    I am here to learn how to improve some of my blogs including Big Fat Daddy's BBQ and RetroChalet Plastic Dinnerware Site. Using Blogger and I'm still at the 1.0 level so anyone talking to me please break it down for me.

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    What matters most is the website you are posting your Backlink to, should be relevant to your niche.

    If that is true, do-follow/no-follow hold little importance and Search Engines love finding backlinks from related sites, and gives you a much higher trust ranking.
    DoFollow Backlinking, SEO and Internet Marketing Forum - Discuss SEO, IM and everything else!
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    The no follow link may not increase your PR #, but it definitely will help to push your ranking, I have tested on many of my sites already!
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    No follow links may not pass Page Rank but it can pass Trust Rank, which is far more important in SEO.
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      I am not seo expert but as far as I concern with the term SEO, No follow back links with high PR may also gives good effect to increase SERP as well as page rank. You should also approach high page rank site which have more than 7 to 8 pages.
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    Nofollow links work for SERP increases and always have. They just don't pass PageRank. Getting links from high authority pages does work for improving rankings whether they are nofollow or dofollow.
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    A link is a link, especially on a PR8 page...
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    well..congratulation..It's very hard to rise from rank #6 to #1 especially for strict competition..I don't know for sure whether the link from PR 8 site is the cause of the phenomenon..But anyway it's cool..Good luck guys..
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