For those who says TLDs don't matter and .INFO domains are the same...

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Many people argue that TLDs don't matter in search results.

So the argument is .info domains have the same value as .com/.net/.org domains.

But anyone who has tried to rank a .info domain knows it does take more work to rank one of them.

Matt Cutts now confirms that if they find a particular TLD to be spam-heavy, it can affect the rankings on your site.

It's most likely that this has been a part of their algorithm for a while.

See from 37m13s

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    Shhh dont say that .infos are harder to rank (IMO they are) they can rank on low comp kws but so can any extension

    if you say .info is harder to rank , certain people on the board will put out a contract on you. A big goon will come to your place and shoot you
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    Thanks for the link. That is food for thought.

    This makes me wonder, given you can't get a .com/.net/.org domain to match your keywords exactly whether it is better to buy a .info that does or get the .com/.net/.org that comes somewhat close? Where is the trade off?

    For instance, which is better -- targetkeywords . info or e targetedkeywords blog . com (if the latter is the only reasonable choice)?
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      Do you know which TLD is filled with the most spam is right now?


      And it is not even close. So I guess forget about ranking them, huh?

      Nowhere in there did he say they were targeting .info.

      What he was really addressing are all the new TLDs coming to market, and he basically just said that Google will be paying attention. If they find one getting over run with spam, they may adjust the rankings of that TLD.
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