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Hi there,

This is a post aimed at mid level/advanced SEO's who are actively pursuing white hat content/link bait/blogger outreach strategies.

In the last few months I have moved on from grey hat tactics (mass reciprocal linking, article marketing) to follow the advice of Matt Cutts; that is, that the best SEO tactic is to create something remarkable, and tell people about it. In SEO terms, this means creating content (either created by me, the client or a third party) and emailing bloggers to tell people about it (and hopefully get links from them).

I am having real trouble getting links from bloggers for my content. I would like to hear from any SEOs who have succeeded in gaining links consistently using the above tactic.

How many emails do you typically send? Is it all about the quality of your content?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Well the best way to get links from authority blogs on your niche is Guest posting, this means that you have to write quality and informative articles (if you are not a good writer you can pay someone else to write for you) and ask bloggers to publish them on their blogs in exchange for your links. This is by far the best way to get quality back links, targeted traffic and establish your self as an expert on your field which means that people will want to learn more from you visiting your site and link to you...
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      Yes but I find that you have to pay to guest post on the best blogs. For one of my clients' niches recently I paid $300 for one post. We don't have the budget to do this on a large scale...
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        Originally Posted by searchpath View Post

        Yes but I find that you have to pay to guest post on the best blogs. For one of my clients' niches recently I paid $300 for one post. We don't have the budget to do this on a large scale...

        I am not talking about paid reviews, guest posts are free and some blogs even pay you to guest post on them, actually you can find on most top blogs a page usually "write for us" which explains all the requirements to guest post on them. You can find many bloggers asking to write on their blogs for free at Guest blogging: Looking for guest bloggers or guest post? Join MyBlogGuest! and Those sites are communities of bloggers where you can find blogs and ask bloggers to guest blog on their site.

        300$ is way too much you can find guest posting services where you pay 40-50$ and they write on behalf of your site and make all the negotiations with bloggers to publish your article even on PR5 and PR6 blogs

        If you need help about guest posting be free to ask me!
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    Many seo forum describes SEM as advance SEO . It includes -

    * Facebook - Optimize; create Real Estate Page with localized Market View, update profile and fanpage, add appropriate RSS feeds, widgets, apps etc.

    * Twitter - Optimize; add appropriate feeds, apps, etc., add custom background

    * LinkedIn - Develop and optimize profile, add appropriate feeds, apps, etc.

    * Research, ghostwrite, optimize and post blogs

    * Blog Marketing Strategy

    * Ongoing Social Media Marketing and many more ..
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      Thanks but I'm not looking for advice on social media, just linkbait/content marketing/blogger outreach. Anyone got any tips?
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    Thanks for that, they look like a couple of good opportunities. Obviously those sites depend on finding good sites that are in your niche. Has anyone got any other tips for getting links from bloggers?

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    Searchpath one tip that I would drop your way is that guest blogging can be successfully combined with three way link exchanges. You offer to host a blog post of a site and they in turn use another of their sites (not the one you are linking to) to host a post from you. $300 even for the paid service is way too much for one link. IF you want you can PM me (if you can) . I allow some guest blogging myself on about 12 of the websites I own (all with PR)

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      Hi Mike,

      Can't send PM's, i have not posted enough. Good idea on the 3 way linking, have to try that.

      For anyone who has a lot of experience in emailing bloggers for links - if I send emails to 50 blogs, how many links should I expect back? (on average).

      Also - do you find that asking to guest blog is always a more productive technique that asking the blogger to blog about your content himself?

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        You need some leverage to approach Bloggers. Yes you will meet bloggers that accept guest blogs but they get lots of requests and you will not pick up as many as you might want that way.

        To be blunt to do exchanges and get people to want to exchange and host your post and links you need to be able to give back something. Usually thats either money or a link back with some authority. Make sure you have at least a PR3 or more link to offer back (if you don't have any then you can buy them for less than most software or services cost per month.)

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          Thanks Mike,

          If you're shelling out $ to encourage bloggers to host guest posts, how much would you expect to pay, per post?
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    Niche social bookmarking is the best way to get relevant high pr links
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