What do you use to Check the Page Rank?

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I found one website:

Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank of any web pages

I was wondering if you had another place to check page rank?
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    i just installed SEO quake within my browser so i know the page rank of the particular page i am viewing within my browser
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    Why are you not satisfied with prchecker.info in the first place? Just curious. I use them every now and then.
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      I wanted to find out how accurate you think this website is. Also, if you have another website I can check it against.
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    I did that too in the past, found it 100% accurate. I think you can use prchecker.info without the need to cross check it. Oh and I'm not affiliated with them or anything, in fact I check pagerank less and less and use mozrank more and more
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    I use seoquake, but google changed its code and seoquake is acting wacky for me.

    So I loaded up internet explorer and installed the pagerank toolbar and works fine.
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    best way to check PR is prchecker.info definitely
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    Ask the big "G" and it will give you more the few answers.
    Are many sites out there and the one you found is good enough , why should you bother searching for more of them?
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    • I posted this in another thread but it just as relevant here.

      I know some of you are using third party sites like PRchecker.info and that works fine I suppose, but IMO that's a huge pain in the ass! Not only having to enter the anti-bot codes, but just having to go to any other site to see PR is a hassle. I think having a working toolbar that shows PR is the only way to go. The only working toolbar right now is the Google Toolbar, which only works with old versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Rather than downgrading Firefox a full 4 versions (or, worse still, switching to Internet Explorer D: ) I tinkered around a bit and found a way to trick any version of firefox into running the Google Toolbar. I wrote up a brief guide on how to do it here:


      I hope this helps some of you, I know I was going nuts not having PageRank displaying properly. Let me know if you've got any questions.

      TL;DR: I found a way to get the google toolbar to work reliably in current versions of firefox. check out the link for details.
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    RankChecker.com is a great tool for checking PR, age, alexa and other domain relevant stuff RankChecker is not like all the other lousy scripts that asks for captcha or have a time-limit on checking pr.

    Mike Tyler.

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    I use seoquake for chorme and for firefox,as I use these two browsers. Some time ago there was a problem, with checking PR, so now everything is Okay. And it works good.
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    I use Quirk SearchStatus. You just install this tool, you can view PR, alexa, compete, mozrank..etc in your browser Add-on bar.
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    prchecker.info is great till now. No problem, always accurate.

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      Seocentro. I will check out that tool.
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