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Hi Warriors!

I heard so many different stories on this subject that i wanted to create a new topic about this one..

I want to rank high in the dutch .NL Google with .NL domains.... Do international backlinks work good for it?
Aren't .NL backlinks much better?
How big is the difference? Any experiences?

Thanks for checking my topic, hope to hear from you guys.

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    My experience is that any site that uses the ccTLD's to get their backlinks to will rank better then subdirectory or sub-domain from any .com or US sites. In other words your .NL site will have more authority because of it being a .NL site and therefore not giving as much weight as needing that many backlinks at all whether they are .NL back links, or international back links.

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      international backlinks still work well, it doesnt make that much difference at all.

      the main thing is you want to have your website hosted in NL (for example) and have a .nl URL. Those are the main factors of ranking in a specific country.
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    To do so, yes of course backlinks from .NL domains are better and such links carry more value compare to links from .com, .net or etc. However, there are lot of other things need to be taken into account as well, OBL of the webpage, Theme of the webpage and etc. So, in my point of view, it is not must to get .NL links, but that helps, even with ONLY links from other domains with .com, and etc (Other than .NL) too you can get top ranking on Google.
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    Backlinks from another country with high pr are work, it will help your site to ranking well
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    It will be better if the websites you get links from are related to your .nl site in this way or the other. For instance, they are also .nl, or they are also in Dutch, or they are hosted in the same country.
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      I had very good results with using international backlinks for my german sites.
      Also normally it is much easier to get some international links, than national ones.

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