Google top ranking in 30 days , Possible or not ?

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Hello warriors !

I have a question for you

Can i bring a new blog (unique content) to google top ranking (10k monthly searches) in 30 days ?

Is it possible with 400 BMR posts ?

or any other ideas ?
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      Depends, have you got the keyword in the domain name? 400 bmr posts is alot of link juice. You will need other linkbuilding methods also.

      you need to check the competition

      You may stand a chance but 30 days... ummmm
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        Not sure but if your keywords are not competitive and using multiple methods for building links than you can get ranked soon. I shall say 50/50
        Keep your environment neat and clean
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      It is definitely possibe....

      If you've done your research.

      What's the competition like for that keyword? Have you checked to see how many exact matches there are in google? What about the page ranks of the sites you're competing against?

      It's definitely possible, but the biggest step is always the keyword research, as some are just not worth trying to compete for. The more you analyze, the better your odds of finding one to take you to the first page.

      Success leaves clues.

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        well i think its possible, but hope you are not looking at this as a one time effort.

        also, link velocity makes a difference too, you can try to build all 400 bmr as fast as possible.

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    I would only add that you first check the top 10 sites on Google for the niche. Those are your real competitors. If they are authority sites then you will have to pick another keyword if you want to rank the site fast. I have a niche site that has been stuck on the second page of Google for some weeks now even with all the quality links I've been sending to the site, just because the sites on the top 10 of Google for the keyword are authority sites. So it will take longer for me to get it to the top 10 more than required.
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    Is possible specially if it is EMD

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    Yes! it's definitely possible! As long as the the top sites for your keyword aren't too competitive, you have a real chance of making it to the top in 30 days.
    The harder I work, the luckier I get.
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    It is possible. Here is a hint for you: people have ranked in top 10 for insurance related keywords.

    However, it depends on competition and how much effort you put in backlinks.
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    Depends on your KW competition. However I have seen experts ranking keywords for a new domain with search volume of above 30,00,000 (single word) in top 10 within 45 days and once similar keyword in 48 days. So yes it should be doable. All depends on the strategy you employ.
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    I've ranked for low competition keywords within 3-7 days and "high" competition keywords within two weeks. I put high in quotes because there were millions and millions of competing pages, but in my opinion, the competition was really weak for that keyword.

    Oh, and those were sites that didn't have any unique content at all. Just throwing that out there...

    The short answer to your question is yes, it is technically possible, but it really depends on your level of competition and the SEO strategy you use. Best of luck to you.
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    Recently there have been some WSOs released talking about ranking in 30 days or less.

    Obviously, since none of us are Google, its hard to tell. However, definitely possible if all the criteria of onpage and offpage SEO is met.

    Like above posters said, some sites can rank in days.
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