Global Domains International is a freaking Scam

by Asher
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- this wrong post was made in 2008 -
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  • I gotta tell you, I'm sorry for your experience. I do a Global Domains International Review on my site, and I gotta tell you, I'm nothing but pleased with the company. For only $10 a month, you get an opportunity to develop some really sweet long term residual income. I also, on my site, post about Global Domains International Scam. It's not a scam by any stretch! You just have to have the right upline sponsore to help you get started. Hope this helps!
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      Back when I started in IM with Plug-In Profit

      there was a group of us that got together and

      built a huge downline with GDI. This was the first

      money I made in IM. Checks would show up for

      $150+ dollars every month for a $10 investment.

      We promoted using traffic exchanges. This went

      on for several years and I just let it run its course

      and go away. GDI did work for me.

      Robert Oliver

      It's Not Over Till I Win!
      Do you see the glass half empty or half
      full? The difference can mean success or
      The simple things seem to be the most
      effective and most overlooked.

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    I use gdi and think they are legit and good. I even wrote an ebook about how to get more leads which is selling nicely.
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    You can`t just tell them not to charge your account, you have to cancel your account or you will be charged..That is just the way it is..They are one of thee most reputable companies on the net.
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      First of all, let me say that I am so grateful to have a forum like this. Since I have a bad back and can't work, I do freelance graphics and build sites...and have recently been trying to look for things that have a residual income - GDI was the first company I really saw. I did a lot of reading and research and their system and service seemed totally above board. I think it's a tougher way to sell hosting, but brilliant at the same time. Since I host myself, $10 a month is a bit more than a lot...but not outrageous by any means. I am still considering them...but want to hear some " real " experiences from someone I can chat with. If anyone can point me in the right direction - that would be great.

      Basically, I want to know the best way to pick a name - whether that's to name it a hosting company or a money making URL. Anyways, I think the one bad experience for that amount should not be used as a negative to bash a good company. I sure hope that someone can point me to a good system or program I feel confident in.

      Thank you so much for this forum and for the amazing work people do. I am really willing to learn - I'm just not willing to be taken on a money draining ride that leads nowhere

      All the Best
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        I don't know why is everyone trying to tell you this is a scam.
        I am in GDI for past few months and as a company, they are very professional. I also know that 10$ a month is a GOOD price for a domain and a hosting, but it is whole package in it.
        They also have plugins: WordPress, Forum, Blog, Gallery option and Drupal which can be activated with one click trough their members area.
        If anyone want to try it. they also have a 7 days free trial, so if you are not satisfied, just call them and cancel.

        What else?
        They are based on the Income for life plan. Because of that they do not give so much effort on making excellent hosting company.
        They have affiliate program which has very good compensation plan.
        As a member you can earn up to 50% of their income from the people who you refer to GDI.
        For the affiliate program they have everything prepared at the time when you sing up. You get your own website on few language, flash presentations, banners, guidelines, their own support forum, video and DVD presentations, statistics of viewed websites, your automated opt in and email marketing... I think it's a fair content for that price....

        C'mon if this isn't a real good package than what it is. And if you just find 10 people to refer, you have it all for free.
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