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I am looking mass page rank checker that based on website.

In previous time, I used After Google changed something, doesn't work for this time.

Do anyone know about mass PR checker for free?
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    Multiple PageRank Checker is working fine... Check it!!
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    Thanks Shilpa, will check it now.
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    I don't have anything for free that I can tell you about, but I will recommend getting yourself Scrapebox.

    It's cheap, and you can run queries for thousands of URLs in minutes for PageRank, backlinks, and more...
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    SEO quake toolbar for firefox might be what you are looking for then.
    If you search google for a query, you can arrange the results by page rank if you have it installed.
    Great tool.
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  • Profile picture of the author rasel786 will fulfill your requirement.
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      Originally Posted by davidwoolmer View Post is the best site for mass page rnass checker. you can check 200 website at a time and it give you accurate page rank.
      i dont find any tool in that website, for me it looks like a directory submission site.
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    i am also in need of this tool if there is any tool working i would appretiate
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    its not free, but check out my signature..
    #1 Bulk PageRank Checker
    A professional software program for checking very large lists of URL's for Google PageRank.
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    Try "Rank Checker" add on from This will help you I think so.
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    [WTS] Cheap Link on PR1/PR2/PR3/PR4/PR5/PR6All Niche on Various IP
    My Email/GTalk :

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    I prefer the SEO quake toolbar. However I think page rank does not matter to increase your business leads now. If every customer know about your brand name then these are all useless. They directly or manually search your brand.
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