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I'm facing very strange situation with a few of my sites. I recently discovered that a few of my sites have been completely de-indexed by Google. When I went to check why this could happen, I discovered that quite a few other sites have stolen the content from my website (unique and written by me, sometimes with whole title and pictures included) and posted it to their sites which are still in Google's index.

I'm using a few different checking tools for duplicates, mostly CopyScape, Plagium and Plagiarisma. Do you have any other suggestion ? What tools do you use?

What can I do in general to prevent such situations happening in the future? I can't be 24/7 awake and checking duplicate content for all my sites, I hope you understand that.

Thanks for your time reading this and helping me out.

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    your site(s) didn't get deindexed for what you call stolen content.
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    Google wont deindex you because others copied your content. If anything they would de-index the scrapers. but they dont care about Dup content as long as it's not on your own site.

    If you want to get back at the scrapers though you can either be nice and make contact with them and ask them to take your content down because they are violating your copyrights. Or, report them to google and get their pages deindexed.

    Do you know for sure your site it deindexed? You might want to read the sticky thread here:

    If it is truely deindexed then it was for something you did that violated the Google law.

    Michael Lee

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    Your site wasn't de-indexed because its content was stolen. If anything, the other sites would be the ones being de-indexed. Anyone can go stealing their competition's content to get them de-indexed if that was the case.

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    Google knows very well that you posted the contents on your site first than those of who stole your contents and posted on their site. You were indexed first with these contents. If Google has to de-index anyone of you because of duplicate contents than he should de-index to them who stole your copy, not you.
    I think you should re check your contents and specially newly posted. Reason is different than that you think about.
    Keep your environment neat and clean
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