Anyone Experiencing Delays in AdSense Reporting Today?

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My AdSense report hasn't changed in a few hours today and I'm starting to get a little concerned since this is the longest delay I've ever seen by far. By not changed, I mean no new impressions, etc. on sites that get close to 1k unique visitors/day.

Upon manually reviewing my sites, all of them are still displaying ads, so I'm hoping there is just some snafu on Google's end (as opposed to me being suspended). Has anyone else seen this today?
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    Yep, going on just over 3 hours now for me. No change in google analytics. At first, i thought i was in trouble or something. I feel better knowing i'm not alone lol.
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    Same for me...
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    Yea, same here too. All seems to be fixed now though.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    Phew ok good, it's not just me then....
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    I'm still seeing a delay. But if I look at Adsense Revenue in Google Analytics, it seems to be the usual amount.

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      Originally Posted by SuzanneH View Post

      I'm still seeing a delay. But if I look at Adsense Revenue in Google Analytics, it seems to be the usual amount.
      Me too! Still not fixed at Adsense reporting but normal numbers at Analytics. Thanks for your pos Suzanne! I somehow never noticed that analytics showed adsense revenue.

      I would have had trouble sleeping tonight! I thought that my account was terminated or something. I was one of the first invited to try Adsense and have never once had their reports mess up in all that time.

      Thanks again!
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    I just logged in to WF to see if anyone else was freaking out like I was.

    Thanks for starting the thread.
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    I just noticed this as well - it seems Analytics has crashed as well - look at your intraday stats. This has only happened, significantly, for my Panda-affected sites. Google is going to give me a ****ing heart attack if this keeps up.
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    This question is the reason I came to the forum tonight too. My stats have been the same for about 7 hours now. Relieved it isn't just me
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    @Rick: I've seen it several times over the years, but have to say I haven't seen a delay in a long, long time (now that I think of it).

    Re: analytics -- they've really improved the reporting, plus now they have some real-time stats! Not sure if it's been rolled out to everyone though. I signed up to get it early.

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    I think we all just got royally screwed. I see that mine has been updated, but I have about half the visits to my sites than I normally get. Unless the update I got was actually from about 10 hours ago I think I lost some money.
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    Something else strange I noticed about 12 hours ago. I had 2 clicks on a domain for over $2.50 each. The next time I checked those clicks were completely gone.
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      It happens and in my experience it does get corrected and everything goes back to normal within a day or so.

      Adsense will drive you crazy if you are one who checks stats several times a day as it doesn't update in real time anyway. On a day like today it will have you pulling your hair out - and all you can do is wait until it gets back to normal.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    This morning Adsense is showing believable revenue for yesterday for my account and the amount appears to be right so far this morning but the page views are ridiculously low. Of course, that also throws off the numbers for CTR, RPM, etc. Again, analytics is showing realistic numbers for everything.

    So I'm confident that we're being credited for all of our revenues but there are still problems with the reporting at Adsense.
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    Can anyone confirm there is still a problem into today with respect to the delay for Adsense earnings? For the sake of my earnings, I sure hope there still is......Thanks.
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    Google Analytics shows the correct data. Maybe they are updating something with AdSense.
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    Adsense reporting is still messed up both revenue and page views. Analytics still showing correct normal numbers for my sites.

    In case of anyone unfamiliar with Analytics, click on "Content" on the left side of the page in order to see your correct Adsense revenues. In the upper right hand corner you can set the time period covered by the reports to today's date or whatever other period you desire.
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    Keep in mind, when checking Adsense in Analytics, the numbers you see won't necessarily match up with what you would see in Adsense itself. From what I understand, Adsense reports using Pacific time and Analytics can be set to the webmaster's time zone. So, there can be a discrepancy. I find I'm off by just a few dollars (Pacific time vs. Eastern).

    Having said that: yup, I'm seeing a delay again today in Adsense reporting.

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    Oh man, I thought it was my site getting massive lower hits for that day. Adsense was not matching up to what my site statistics were saying. It corrected itself later in the day.
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    same happen to me in spain, seems to be all right now !

    Welcome to My Sunny Island : Lanzarote

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