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I am having a difficult time getting my site indexed. Infact, there are about 5 blog/web 2.0 backlinks that I have created in the past week to get indexed while my site has been absolutely having no success getting indexed. Keep in mind these blogs/web2.0 pages are just one post with carefully spun content. I take about 20 minutes per an article. My site is all original work with 9 posts of content. Is there anything else I can do? I'm kind of worrying about this and what I am doing wrong where that google doesn't want to index me.

I have done the following
-Installed Google XML sitemaps
-Used ProfitInstruments
-made 10 backlinks using web 2.0 properties and blocks including tumblr,blogger,livejournal,wp,squidoo,hubpages, weebly, onsugar, thoughts.
-Social bookmarked the site, and the backlinks made above.
-submitted my rss to directories.
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      All my URLs including the 9 posts, contact, about us, sitemap, privacy policy?
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    I have another question about indexing, i have about 9 more sites i'm concurrently working on. Only 1 is indexed, but when I check the site,it shows myhosturl.com/Nichewebsite instead of nichewebsite.com . Any way to fix that?

    Apparently my error was typing in site:www dot nichewebsite dot com instead of site:nichewebsite dot com
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    Here is a trick I use to get indexed quickly. Go to craigslist and post an ad in the local news section (top left of the page) in your home town. Just copy some information from your local news site and place it there with your link embedded in the content. First of all no one ever looks there for the news so you have a very low probability of getting flagged and even though the link is no follow it still gets my pages indexed within 24 hours. Combine that with a few ads on backpage.com and you will be indexed very soon. Now remember that these ads will be taken down by these sites within 30 days so you have to build some legit links or you will be de indexed. This is a really fast way to get the ball rolling.
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    Get a free account from Nuclear Link Crawler, send your urls into the system and let them crawl your urls. Should get index a lot faster this way.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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