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I'm really confused as there are so many different threads with people arguing whether .info is worse for SEO purposes than a .com/.net/.org. I guess I've been convinced that the extension really doesn't matter.

But, I wonder... would it be better (strictly thinking about SEO- not marketing) to go for a .com domain with dashes like or would it be better to go with Or would it make any difference... holding all else equal.
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    One dash in a .com may be better, it's most commonly reported that dashes make no difference, but seoMOZ studies have found multi dash domains not performing as well, could their owners just don't invest as much effort in them. One big SEO guy supposedly had heaed from Google people that they count the percentage of multi dash domains to measure the effectiveness of junk site filters.

    .info domains reputation may be a bit tainted, mainly because lower cost names attract more scammers who want short term disposable names.

    Google apparently de-indexed 11 million free co cc domains because too high a percentage were being abused, demonstrating that they can go after particular TLDs. (Warriorforum censors them too)

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        Originally Posted by arunjha2 View Post

        I think .info site is not so effective in search engine optimization. If your site is new then avoid from .info site. You can submit it when your website became very popular. .info site is called low reputation site. So, it can be say .com, .org, .net and .gov site is very effective for search engine optimization.
        and how can you create a .gov site? :rolleyes:

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    I have two .com sites ... each having one hyphen ... ranking well. One is on Page 2 of Google and the other is Page 5 ... each is trending upward.
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