Do you backlink your inner pages? What would you do in this case.

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say you have the domain You sell reebok shoes, and nike shoes.

Forgetting the kewyord "shoes" which you would obviously backlink to would you do for other keywords such as "nike shoes" and rebook shoes".

Would you:

A) create all "nike shoes", and "rebook shoes" backlinks pointing to

b) create MOST "nike shoes", and "rebook shoes" backlinks pointing to but also create some backlinks pointing to their inner pages (so "nike shoes" would go to

c) the opposite of b. Meaning you create SOME "nike shoes" and "rebook shoes" backlinks pointing to but the MAJORITY of backlinks would go to their inner pages ( and

see in the past ive only had to focus mostly on my main keyword which was in the domain so id send all my backlinks there, for the most part.

But i have a lot of secondary keywords that are just as important. And while they all RELATE to my domain, the entire keyword is not in the domain. Not to mention that i can create a "/keyword" page and optimize it much better (keyword could then be in the url, and the page content could focus 100% on that particular keyword). So im just not sure whether the better option is B or C, but C seems to make more sense to me.

What do you guys think?
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    Interesting post, I am currently experimenting with this myself. I have been going down the route of option 'c)' that you mentioned. Building mostly links to inner pages with a few to the root domain thrown in here and there.

    I am also varying my anchor text about 50/50 between exact match and phrase match like 'Nike shoes are great' 'For nike shoes click here'. I've been doing this for about a month so it's probably too early to tell but the results have been great so far. First page rankings for most of the keywords and inner pages I've targeted. Although they are very low competition keywords.
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      I'd go with option B, not that the others are 'wrong' but I understand the majority of links should go to the homepage with a proportion to your inner pages.
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    If you're trying to rank the page "nike shoes" and eventually the root, I would go with C to rank the inner pages first. Those pages will be made to send juice to the homepage, helping the root rank later.
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