Great Link Building Service Experiment of 2011 - Final Results and Panda 2.5

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Howdy Warriors!

My original thread on was closed by an Admin when WF apparently started a new policy not allowing "follow me" posts where the author posts regular updates to a thread. So there won't be any regular updates on this thread.

But I did want to give everyone who had been following a quick report on where the sites sit now post-Google Panda 2.5.

Oddly enough, almost all the sites went up for their three word exact match phrase, but down slightly for other long tail keywords and down a lot for the two word phrase. Nothing was ranking over #30 for that phrase, but I was hoping to break page #1 for that at some point.

Overall, my Panda 2.5 experience hasn't been as bad as many people. Across all my sites traffic is down about 20% what it was the weeks before, and about the same in Adsense and Amazon affiliate earnings.

But if I go back and look, it's back to about what it was in May this year anyway. So really I've lost about 6 months of growth right now.

Anyway, the Post Google Panda 2.5 Results:
  • The Build My Rank Site: #1
  • The Unique Article Wizard Site: #2
  • The 1WayLinks Site: #3
  • The LinkAloha Site: #64 (still sandboxed for the homepage)
  • The Quick Blast From All Services Site: #11
As always, more detail numbers about the other keywords are on my site. Questions always welcome. Anyone experience anything similar?
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