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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to figure out what is the BEST way to determine the chance/s of a certain key phrase to rank well on search results...

One approach/philosophy claims you have to use tools like "Niche Market Finder" in order to study the 10 pages that are currently occupying the 1st page and see if you can do better than any/some of them, while the other "philosophy" claims the best thing to do is to calculate the K.P.I (Keyword Potential Index), which involves some mathematical formula, where you square the 'demand' value and divide it by supply ('allinanchor' value) and so on...

Had any of you used any of the two systems (or another one) ? What are your recommendations ? And why ???

Thank You,

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    An aside:

    The SEO Powersuite's Rankchecker has some time saving analysis function that shows the K.P.I.?

    i believe it works in the limited free version.

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      You can use the free version of Traffic Travis to check your competition on page 1 of Google - domain age, no. of backlinks, site optimization etc.
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        Thanks a lot Webapex and Hamida, for your advice.

        My question was not HOW can I check the K.P.I of a certain keyword, but WHICH of the two tests is the most important in order to determine whether a certain key-phrase is worth going for:

        Is it the K.P.I which is the most important... OR...
        is it more important to know who the 10 best ranking pages are and what are your chances to do better than them..,

        Thanks, Roni
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