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Hello WF

over the last few days, I have been getting higher CTR but my CPC is down by 40% on average.

Why would this be?

(ps... i am also curious why my threads are being removed.. if a mod could pm with any explanation.)
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    The auction and targeting of your website is dynamic.
    As well as the quality of traffic. Google will lower
    the cpc on sites if their traffic sucks. Meaning,
    blind clicks, no sales, etc. Some clicks might not
    even be credited with money.

    Your ctr has no bearing on anything. It's only the quality of
    the clicker.

    I assume mods might be thinking you are only asking things
    to get a link.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    thanks for your answer. maybe I should do some more keyword research, and keep the content quality up!

    and about my threads. I'm not trying to get a link! silly mods

    SEO is everything

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    Yup clicks on the same ad but from different areas give different payout. Also google checks the history of the tracked clicker.
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