Why Google is not seeing my backlinks (very long time)

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Hi All,
I am new to internet marketing and I bought a domain from namecheap (1 year old)
I created Amazon product reviews on this domain and it is now 1 full month + 4 days since I started posting my 3-4 posts and submitting them to Social Monkee (social bookmarking tool)

Now my quesiton is, I go to Social Monkee and from the submission reports,
if I take the link of any URL and search for it in Google, I find it
which means Google had indexed this URL

So why google does not see any backlinks until now ???????
I am using Yahoo Site Explorer and another tool called Rank Tracker

my website is netaqate dot com
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    You don't know whether "Google is seeing them" or not. All you know is that the two tools you used aren't reporting them. Yahoo doesn't even show all the backlinks that Yahoo has indexed, much less Google. As for Rank Tracker, if it's based on Yahoo, it shares the same limitations.
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    Track your ranking, if they are moving up, your backlink is crawled by Google. It is hard to track backlinks, I usually track my ranking instead of backlinks, unless you are using tool like Nuclear Link Indexer, which comes with the backlink precheck service, you can't know for sure.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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    As others have mentioned, never rely on Google to track your backlinks, not even in Webmaster Central. You simply won't see them all -- usually.
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    Install a dynamic .xml sitemap on your site and Google will tell you how many pages you have submitted and how many they have indexed.

    It wont tell you the actual pages, but this is the closest tool.
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