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Hey Warrior-Community

I have gotten a great idea by a friend recently. I can help local seo bussiness rank for easy keywords on the foreign sites.

I have a little bit of seo experience ( with tka and Postrunner, dunno if you know it ) and I would really like to make this happen for my home country too, and see super much potential for it (!:]).

I don't know though if my us-linkbuilding methods will work out for my home country too ( non-english-speaking-country).


If anybody of you guys has experience with ranking keywords for foreign countries i would be soooo thankful seriously if you could help me out or leave a comment!

ps: again, the idea is to rank relatively easy local i figured it would go relatively fast and easy

thank you all

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    only thing i can add: i have done keyword researches for a lot of sites in different languages and they are as tough as doing keyword research for english keywords. i haven't done any seo on a non-english-speaking site before though.

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    It maybe pretty hard because you have to get backlinks from local site, example for Google in Singapore I think we need backlinks from .sg domain
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      Unfortunately the vast majority of techniques used by sites in English do not apply to other languages. It is not worth gaining a backlink from a site with great authority on a subject that possibly not be the same as your subject.

      One interesting thing is that most of the more technical issues relavant contents are in English. It is worth writing about something that was written in English and put at the end of the reference text and gain a pingback.
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    Doing SEO on non English site is not a good method according to me :|
    Its a bit difficult to manage the non english sites.
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    okay - nobody ever done it succesfully?
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    Hey guys,

    5 months later but still the same problem: I need to do SEO for a really easy Keyword for a German Client.

    How do I do this?
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    You need to build links on sites in your country in your language.

    Otherwise it will look horribly un-natural.
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    First of all, get a domain in that particular region. .sg, .in, .fr etc always useful. Secondly, get the backlinks from that particular region sites than us based websites...
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      There are now a lot of non-english directories in almost countries, especially in developed and emerging countries.

      I think that those directories play an important role for non-english SEO operations.

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    Same as for english SEO websites:
    build a links for targeted visitors on that language. Find a good directories on that language. Same goes for blogs, blog networks, guest posts..etc

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