What will SEO be without the Wonder Wheel?

by Chris Q Banned
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I am still very frustrated that Google Wonder Wheel was gone, it's a very important tool for SEO fanatics like me to get relevant or LSI keywords for our content.

Without the Wonder Wheel, what's next for us now?
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    Next?? Just carry on as normal. You can still get some LSI keywords by smart use of the google keyword tool and just using your head and guessing some partly relevant keywords and the tool does the rest.

    No doubt there are some tools out there but I have never used the wonder wheel (well maybe once or twice ) so won't see any change in what I do.
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    Hi Jeff,

    If you noticed, you can find 8 relevant keywords at the bottom of Google search results under "Searches related to [your keyword]". Actually Google just replaced the Wonder Wheel with this new feature..

    Hope that helps!

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    To the left on google you have something called related searches. The best replacement for wonder wheel is that.
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    The wonder wheel was a nice tool but it doesn't all that. Most of the time when I am writing articles I create additional keywords from my head, searching google, adwords tool, dictionary, and thesaurus.

    The seo field will live without the wonder wheel like it did before the wonder wheel
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    LSIkeywords.com is an excellent free tool for finding LSI words. It works well but you have to sift through a good amount of irrelevant words like "click here" and "buy it now" to find the real gems.

    The "Searches related to" phrases at the bottom of the SERPS are usually good LSI phrases/words as well.
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    Also don't know if anyone's heard of WebContentStudio, but that's got a built in LSI tool as well that's actually pretty slick. It's similar to the LSIKeywords.com function, but it goes to 4 word phrases instead of just 3, and it seems to return slightly better results. Plus it can scrape meta keywords, too, which is handy.

    Bit pricey though...If you're short on cash either of the previous 2 mentioned websites will work just fine. I tell my writers to use LSIKeywords.com when writing LSI content.

    Honestly I never used wonder wheel...I found the results it returned to be limited and not usually all that helpful. Not nearly as relevant as what you get from the LSIKeywords.com type approach.

    Just my 2 cents.

    - Stephen
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      Also the Google Adwords Keyword tool.
      You need an Adwords account to make best use of this.

      Also make sure "Only show ideas closely related to my search terms" is NOT ticked.
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